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How Azure Virtual Desktop Can Transform Your Business


With the significant changes in the way businesses work today, the benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop are becoming more apparent.

In light of hybrid working, this cloud-based solution can improve productivity and reduce costs and is fast becoming a valuable tool.

What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Azure Virtual Desktop is a cloud-based service that gives you access to your desktop environment from anywhere. And we’re not talking just about accessing your files – your wallpaper, apps, widgets, toolbars and any other customisations you love on your desktop will all be there.

How can Azure Virtual Desktop benefit my business?

 #1. Increased productivity

Azure Virtual Desktop makes any device a home-from-home. From anywhere in the world, you can fire up a laptop and access every work file you would have access to in the office. This means no more limitations to the tasks you can complete at home, on business trips, or commuting between meetings.

#2. Save money

Having a cloud-based desktop eliminates the need for businesses to invest in servers and workstations. Instead, they can issue laptops which can be used anywhere.

Microsoft Azure also operates a scalable pricing model. This flexibility allows you to set up a virtual desktop to meet the needs of a temporary role or project and simply shut it down when you’re done. The associated charges on your Azure plan will cease and you won’t be left with old tech left lying around the office.

#3. Improved cyber security

Because Azure Virtual Desktop is cloud-based, all your data is stored on remote servers protected by firewalls you can depend on. It also uses multi-factor authentication (MFA) for secure remote access and, being Microsoft, has more compliance certificates than any other cloud provider.

So, if you were considering the cyber security risks of home working, don’t worry, Azure Virtual Desktop is arguably a safer way to work.

#4. Better disaster recovery

Because all your data is stored on remote servers with Azure Virtual Desktop, your data won’t be affected if your business were to suffer hardware failure or damage. Everything can still be accessed from a working device and will be just as you left it.

How to create a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in 4 easy steps.

#5. Increased flexibility

With Azure Virtual Desktop, everything becomes more flexible and easier to manage. As your business grows, you can scale your IT infrastructure with ease; onboarding new users quickly; adjusting your data capacity to suit your needs; and you can embrace flexible working without the worry of productivity being affected.

Don’t be afraid to try new tech – we’re here to help

Trying new technology can be daunting for you and your team. But with services like Azure, you can significantly improve productivity, reduce cost, and tighten security. If you hold back on your tech, you could be holding back your business.

Learn more about how Microsoft Azure can save you time and money.

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