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The Dangers of Using Old Technology


If your business is running on old technology, it could be causing issues you’re not even aware of.

Of course, the reasons many businesses delay investing in new technology are easy to understand: Cost, upheaval, if it ain’t broke… But ironically, each of these concerns is more likely to become a reality if your business continues using old technology.

The 5 biggest issues caused by using old technology.

#1 Deviation from processes

Process is the key to a successful business. But if your employees are using old technology that isn’t playing ball, the temptation to cut corners is just too great. Important documents may be saved to desktops for ease, orders or call logs may not be recorded appropriately. Before you know it, those processes you worked so hard to implement have gone out of the window due to frustration with your IT equipment.

#2 Using old technology costs

Of course, upgrading your technology has its outlay but trying to run your business on clapped-out kit comes with its own expenses. Old systems don’t have the latest power-saving technology like modern IT equipment does. Running your business on old technology will be keeping your energy bills high, making a dent in your pocket and in the environment.

#3 Holding back productivity

When your systems run efficiently, so too do your staff. Arming your employees with tools such as Microsoft Teams enables them to be more productive with better communication and easier collaborative working.

Investing in new tools and platforms pays in the long run. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven how important technology is to businesses; those who had already invested in up-to-date technology found the transition to home-working a smooth one. While those still using old technology experienced unavoidable downtime and disruption.

Whilst we would hope to never find ourselves in the midst of a national disaster again, future-proofing your business with flexible working possibilities is never a bad thing. You could have a key member of staff unable to get to the office, or there could be a temporary issue at your business premises. With the right technology, your business can continue seamlessly under almost any circumstance.

#4 Expensive fixes

Running on old kit can be like working with a ticking time-bomb. Your equipment will eventually fail and when it does, you’ll have no choice to pay what it costs to keep your business running. No matter what the bank balance looks like.

If, however, you have a clear IT strategy in place you can upgrade your kit strategically. You can budget for hardware and software upgrades in a controlled way and plan when the works will take place to avoid downtime.

#5 Security risks

Over the last 2 years, cyber security breaches have increased by 11%. Businesses of all sizes have fallen victim but the risk to smaller businesses is increasing. Whilst a smaller business may think they are off-radar for master cyber criminals, they are actually targeted as ‘quick wins’. Cyber criminals recognise these businesses are far less likely to invest in their IT and therefore their systems are easier to breach.

Hardware manufacturers are always working to beat cyber crime. Every improved version of technology is developed with new security demands in mind to be robust at protecting your business.

Similarly, new software releases and updates are developed with security patches to fight vulnerabilities. If your running old software versions that aren’t supported by these security patches, your business is a prime target for a cyber attack.

Learn more about patch management and the importance of IT audits.

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