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IT Simplified: What Is Microsoft Azure?


Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform offering more than 200 products and services aimed at businesses. By many, it has been described as having limitless possibilities, but the important question is, what can it offer you and your business?

More about Microsoft Azure

Ultimately, Azure is a cloud computing platform offering Iaas, PaaS, and Saas services. These solutions can be used for virtual computing, analytics, networking, data storage and more.

What makes Microsoft Azure different is its speed, flexibility, capabilities, and pricing. It supports almost any language, OS or framework, is known for its reliability and you only pay for what you use.

How can Microsoft Azure work for your business?

#1 Backup and Disaster Recovery

The flexibility and advanced site recovery make Azure a dream tool for backup and disaster recovery.

A far cry from backup tapes, Azure’s recovery gives you offsite replication of your data with three copies spread across a data centre and a further three copies hidden in a far-off Azure data centre. The days of worrying about losing your company data are long gone.

What’s more, you can define the frequency of your backup schedule and call back on up to 99 years of data.

#2 Host and Develop Apps

Azure makes pretty light work of hosting, managing and developing mobile or web apps with some great assistive features:

Automatic patch management – so you spend less time managing the infrastructure and more time improving your apps.

AutoScale – automatically adjusts your resources to match web traffic; delivering during peak times and saving you money during quieter times.

Connect web apps to on-site apps – allowing partners and employees to access resources inside your firewall securely and easily.

#3 Active Directory

Azure can work with your Active Directory to expand your access capabilities, giving your Domain Name System global reach and robust security.

If you use Microsoft 365 or other cloud apps, Azure integrated with AD will give you a central management tool for maintaining access.

Azure also gives you access to multifactor authentication, making it easy to add another security layer to your applications with zero hassle.

Learn more about multifactor authentication and other AI cyber security platforms.

#4 IoT Industry Solutions

If your business is moving towards IoT solutions, Azure could be a great asset. Integrating with your existing infrastructure, Azure enables you to monitor billions of devices to gain insight on how to make improvements for your business and make more informed decisions; whether it be to improve customer service, speed up development or lower costs.

Azure’s enhanced security also makes it stand out from the crowd in the world of IoT solutions, which are traditionally a playground for hackers.

Jupiter IT – Let Us Help You Grow

This is just a glimpse of what Microsoft Azure has to offer. Its potential is almost limitless when it comes to cloud computing capabilities.

As a Microsoft partner for more than 12 years, we’ve seen many clients capitalise on the services available and use them to meet their needs in order to grow.

If you’d like to discuss how Azure, or any other Microsoft platform can help your business grow, give us a call. We offer independent advice based only on what will benefit you.

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