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Edge Vs Chrome: Which Browser Is Safest?


The battle between Edge and Chrome is a long-standing one, with Chrome coming up trumps with fast searches and user-friendly superiority.

But when it comes to cyber security, which browser wins the title of ‘safest’?

Is Microsoft Edge safer than Google Chrome?

When it comes to internet safety, Edge vs Chrome is a common debate. It’s an important topic, and possibly the sharpest bargaining tool one has over the other. So, let’s break it down and see which browser is safest.

Security patches and updates.

Interestingly, both the Edge and Chrome browsers use the same Chromium search engine software which means they are vulnerable to the same exploits.

According to the cyber security firm Mandiant, 11 zero-day attacks targeted web browsers last year. Edge and Chrome were both exploited by the same 9 attacks.

But, as similar as they are, Chrome takes the point with this one. It’s much faster at identifying vulnerabilities and issues updates at least once a week, which is more regular than its competitor, Edge.

Private browsing

While Chrome’s ‘Incognito’ mode landed Google in a lawsuit for collecting user data regardless, the Edge ‘Super Duper Secure’ mode (yes, that’s really what it’s called) stands by its name.

With Edge, you can browse in ‘Balanced’ mode or ‘Strict’ mode. In ‘Balanced’ mode, information is collected but only to determine how frequently you visit a site. This helps the browser understand what level of security is required. In ‘Strict’ mode, the hatches are battened down completely. This can interfere with the functionality of some websites, but you do have the option to add your own exemptions if it’s a site you are familiar with.

Malware protection

Chrome’s anti-malware protection uses AI technology and cloud-based software to tackle phishing attempts and malware in real-time. It will also alert you if the site you are about to visit does not have an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, giving you the opportunity to turn back.

Edge uses Microsoft Defender to protect your device from spammy websites, screen your downloads, and guard you against phishing attempts. It also has a typo spotter to redirect you if you accidentally click on a malicious link.

All-in-all, when it comes to anti-malware technology, both browsers give as good as they get.

Password protection

Edge and Chrome manage to tick all the security boxes when it comes to passwords. Both have integrated password managers and multifactor authorisation.

Both browsers also monitor data breach reporting and alert you immediately if any of your passwords have been involved and need updating.

Tracking protection

Edge offers three levels of tracking protection, putting you more in control of what you view and what ads you are shown. Its default recommendation is mid-level protection. This will block known malicious trackers and trackers from sites it doesn’t recognise.

With Chrome, you can request ‘Do Not Track’ but the choice lies with the website host whether they track you or not. Which, we think is fair to say, falls short of the level of tracking protection most of us would hope for.

Edge vs. Chrome: Which is best?

All points considered; Microsoft Edge comes out on top for the safest browser. All be it not by much.

Edge gives you better control over how much of your data you share, while Chrome gives you little-to-no control. Its ‘Super Duper Secure’ feature also offers more protection against malware, making it a slightly safer option.

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