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5 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Cyber Security


As technology advances, cyber attacks grow more sophisticated, and your cyber security needs to be upgraded to cover you.

If your business is Cyber Essentials certified and implements the periodic updates, you may think your cyber security is as sound as can be. But you should always remain vigilant for signs that your cyber security measures may need updating.

If you can relate to these, your cyber security needs an upgrade.

#1. Frequent security alerts

It probably goes without saying that if you experience a high volume of attempted data breaches or other security alerts, your cyber security could do with an upgrade.

Even if these threats aren’t successful in breaching your barriers, regular malware or phishing attempts can be signs of vulnerabilities hackers are trying to exploit.

#2. Neglecting your network security

Your firewall plays a primary role in protecting your network. If it’s not doing its job properly, your business will be exposed to a host of threats that could cause financial devastation. If you tick any of these boxes, your cyber security needs an upgrade:

  • Your firewall is an off-the-shelf solution and hasn’t been checked for its adequacy against the data you hold.
  • Your firewall was installed and left with default configuration.
  • You don’t know when your firewall was last updated.
  • Your firewall does not have an active software licence and isn’t scanning traffic in and out of your building.

#3. You run old tech to save money

For starters, let’s bust the myth that you’re saving money by not investing in new IT equipment. Old tech usually uses more energy and slows productivity costing you more money in the long run.

But on topic, old tech also brings security risks. One of the primary benefits new technology development focuses on is cyber security. So, the newer the kit, the more advanced the protection it offers.

The same applies to software. By a certain time, old software is no longer protected by security patches. Leaving you wide open to cyber criminals.

#4. You have no password management strategy

An effective password strategy will of course enhance your cyber security strategy, but it will also make life easier for your employees.

Despite the accessibility of password managers, 40% of businesses still use sticky notes to remember and share passwords! Using a password manager will enable your teams to securely save and access passwords for numerous accounts and help them generate random and unique passwords.

Another valuable layer you should be adding to password security is multifactor authentication. MFA can eliminate 99% of password threats yet is not adopted by everyone.

#5. You don’t hold regular cyber security awareness training for staff

Not a topic to be posted on the staff room notice board, cyber security awareness training can make or break your business.

On average, 90% of data breaches are caused by human error. Research suggests this is due to a lack of understanding of what constitutes a cyber threat and therefore end users don’t know what they are looking for.

Regular training, updates and re-caps, and social engineering simulations can reduce the risk of a cyber attack by 50% in just 12 months. Worth the time, effort, and any associated costs all day long.

We can help you upgrade your cyber security

As the risk of cyber crime grows, we know that cyber security has never been more important for businesses and we are working hard to protect what you work hard for.

At Jupiter IT, we offer expert cyber security and IT support in Hull and the surrounding areas. Every client benefits from a free cyber security audit and free cyber security awareness training tailored to their employees needs.

Drop us a line to find out more and book your session.

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