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Cyber Security Tips When Working From Home


Cyber security tips like we share in this blog have never been of more value: Since the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the Coronavirus (COVID-19) a global health emergency in January 2020, home-working has become the only option for some businesses but not without its risks.

Almost immediately, reports were released of COVID-19-related phishing scams with the WHO and US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention being impersonated. Triggering an emotional response, cyber criminals are tempting victims with URL links to safety notices, treatment advice and infection maps. And they’re not as easy to spot as you might think – in February 2020, a phishing scheme was designed which contained genuine real-time data from WHO – sophisticated stuff!

We’re not going to pretend that working from home doesn’t come with its security risks, but at times like this, needs-must. So, let’s focus on what you can to protect your business:

4 Cyber Security Tips: keep these in mind when you work from home.

#1 Secure your WiFi connection

Your home WiFi router is likely to have an encryption feature – most do – but it is often switched off by default. One of the most important steps in securing your home WiFi connection is enabling this encryption as soon as possible. Acting as an additional layer to your password security, an attacker needs to know your encryption type as well as password before they can even try to hack your network.

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#2 Anti-virus updates

We would recommend that any laptops required to work from home be company laptops which are maintained by your IT support provider. However, if for any reason this is not the case, always make sure the hardware being used has anti-virus software installed and is up to date.

#3 Windows 7

Always make sure any devices connecting to your network from a remote location are not running end-of-life operating systems. Old operating systems like Windows 7 are no longer supported with automatic cyber security updates from Microsoft and can pose a huge risk and compromise your full business network. Plugging in a windows 7 PC at home and connecting via a VPN, is the same as plugging it in directly onsite.

#4 Back-up strategy

It’s important when you’re working away from your internal company drives to have a strategy for backing up your work and important files manually and regularly.

Of course, if you use cloud services, you and your staff can use cloud backups as normal and have peace of mind everything is safe.

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