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Save Your Business Time And Money With Microsoft Azure


With over 200 products and cloud services, Microsoft Azure is designed to solve IT challenges and drive innovation in your business. But with products and services like virtual desktops and cost management and billing, Azure can also save you time and money.

5 ways Microsoft Azure will save you time and money

#1. Use Microsoft Azure Active Directory to simplify access management

Azure Active Directory, also referred to as Azure ‘AD’ (no, that’s not our timesaving claim here), is an effective cloud-based identity and access management solution. It offers six multifactor authentication deployment methods and increases security through enabling conditional access. But one of the key timesaving features is single sign on. Supporting thousands of SaaS applications, Microsoft Azure allows users to sign in securely to all necessary applications through a single log-on process – which we’re sure will be music to your team’s ears!

#2. Flexible working with Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure virtual desktop solution allows users to access their Windows 10 desktop securely from any device, anywhere. Not only is this a great support to businesses in this hybrid working world we now find ourselves in, but it also offers great money-saving benefits. By moving desktops to the Azure cloud, you can spend less on hardware spec and even consider introducing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programme into your business reducing hardware costs even further.

#3. Scale up and down to suit your business needs

Microsoft Azure operates an on-demand pricing model. This flexibility allows you to spec a virtual machine to meet the workload it’s designed to manage, then, when the virtual machine is no longer required, it can be shut down and the associated costs will immediately cease. This is a great cost-effective approach for temporary project working or interim growth periods.

#4. Simplified management with the Microsoft Azure Portal

Within the Azure Portal, it is possible for to manage your organisation’s Azure subscription, from simple web apps to complex cloud deployments, in one place. This centralised management capability vastly reduces time spent on troubleshooting issues and introducing new products and services.

#5. Stay cyber safe with Microsoft Azure Security Centre

As cyber security specialists, this is up there at the top of our agenda. Not only does Microsoft provide multi-layered security with over 200 physical data centres, but Azure also includes centralised workload protection and threat detection with the Security Centre. This visibility of all threats is invaluable to protecting your business from costly cyber attacks, securing your data and your network.

Don’t be afraid to try new tech – we’re here to help

Trying new technology can be daunting for you and your staff. But with services like Azure, you can significantly improve productivity, reduce cost, and tighten security. If you hold back on your tech, you could be holding back your business.

And we’re on hand to help! Want to optimise how you use your tech or introduce a new solution? We offer training, advice, and jargon-free support. Just get in touch!



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