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Meet The Team

The Jupiter IT team. Jupiter IT. IT support Hull

Jupiter IT was formed back in June 2007 by three IT Engineers for NHS IT Department in the Yorkshire region. Iain Powell, Dan Gladstone and Craig Paul. It was their strong belief they could offer local business the same calibre of support the NHS offered its partners and associate bodies.

We would build a strong model based around these ethics and offer them to local businesses within the region. Since inception our core values are to protect the network, secure the domain and support the end user.

Team Member Craig Paul. Jupiter IT. IT support Hull

Craig Paul

Operations Director

Along with my co-directors, I worked as part of an IT team supporting the NHS in the Yorkshire region. The helpdesk worked well, from 1st line general helpdesk to 3rd line specialist support. We offered a reliable and quality service.

We had a belief that a similar service, based on this model could work well with local businesses. Back in 2007, we decided to give it a go! We haven’t looked back.

Team Member Daniel Gladstone. Jupiter IT. IT support Hull

Daniel Gladstone

Infrastructure Director

What I love about Jupiter IT is its vision of being the best in its field and the fact the whole team are on board with that, which is clear from the drive and passion the full team display daily.

We aren’t an insurance policy for when things go wrong; we make sure things don’t go wrong and ensure our clients are moving forward and getting the most from the technology available to them. Our client’s IT security is water-tight, by default.

Team Member Iain Powell. Jupiter IT. IT support Hull

Iain Powell

Technical Director

At Jupiter, it’s all about service delivery and we thrive on giving the right advice. We love what we do, it’s a passion and not a role.

We believe we are ahead of the game when it comes to using the latest products and technologies, and continually reinvest in our team through training, actively seeking better working practice. No challenge is too big and there is always a solution.

David Bell

IT Manager

With over 20 years’ experience of working in an IT management position, my role within Jupiter IT is to ensure our clients receive nothing but the best service. By implementing processes and systems that are heavily client focused, we ensure the best customer experience is delivered and projects are completed on schedule, within budget and without disruption.
I believe the work we do in the background for our clients is second to none, and as a result, we have a rapidly growing client base.

Meet the team

Joshua Clarkson

Account Executive

My role at Jupiter is looking after clients accounts and being a point of contact for clients. Its easy for me to be passionate about the service we deliver, as I see how the team go above and beyond on a daily basis.

Team Member Ailegh Farrar. Jupiter IT. IT support Hull

Ailegh Farrar

Company Secretary

Jupiter is a great place to work; there is a genuine sense of being part of a team. Everybody is an equal part of this team, directors included, and there is complete openness to new ideas, changes and suggestions; something I find incredibly refreshing at this stage in my career.

A lot of what we do is behind the scenes; the real aim of a lot of our services is to prevent and protect our clients from the various threats in terms of cyber security but also helping them plan for disasters such as a failure of hardware or corruption of data.

Team Member Lucy Levitt. Jupiter IT. IT support Hull

Lucy Levitt

IT Coordinator

I like working at Jupiter IT because I enjoy being part of a positive team. We all help each other out and work together to get the best solution. We keep each other’s morale up by supporting each other and cracking bad jokes. I also like the fact my colleagues can make a better brew than I can!

I believe we are different because of how pro-active we are; sometimes we will call customers to inform them we are working on an issue they are having before they have even noticed, such as a network going down. We also ensure we offer the best products on the market to keep them safe and up-to-date from the latest threats.

Meet the Team: Lee Allwood. Jupiter IT. IT support Hull

Lee Allwood

Senior IT Engineer

The best thing about working for Jupiter IT is the passion they have for staff development. They not only provide training to fill any holes in knowledge but provide on the job experience and ensure that you are supported and guided throughout.

On top of this, you feel like part of a team. They listen to your ideas, provide excellent feedback and there is always someone there to talk to about anything. Working for Jupiter IT means you are looked after, develop new skills and have the opportunity to work with the newest technologies.

Rich Andrews

IT Engineer

What I like about working for Jupiter IT is that training and development is high on their agenda and massively encouraged.
I get exposed to the latest technologies and as we need to be on top of our clients 3rd party software, I get exposed to lots of different applications making my day to day job really diverse.

Adam Ferreira

IT Trainee

Working at Jupiter IT is allowing me to fast track my IT skills and knowledge. The team have years and years of experience that I'm able to learn from. I don't think I could be in a better place to start my IT Career.

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The Jupiter IT team. Jupiter IT. IT support Hull

Our Services

IT Support

We have clients that have been with us from day 1 and the reason being, we deal with issues quickly. By choosing us as your IT partner, you’ll never have to worry about technical issues disrupting your business.

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Cyber Security

Jupiter IT are passionate about Cyber Security and we have the Government backed “Cyber Essentials” certification. A single virus or hack can bring a business to its knees. You’re in safe hands with Jupiter IT.

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When is a business telephone system not just a telephone system? When it’s a Jupiter IT business telephone system. Far more than a simple phone system, we offer a range of features with speed and productivity at their core.

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Cloud Solutions

At Jupiter IT Solutions, we offer our clients the best in cloud technology. We only partner with the biggest and best providers. From hosted cloud emails to state-of-the-art backup, it’s time to get your head in the cloud.

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Jupiter IT have been nothing but reliable and pro-active in the years they have been looking after our IT systems. I have complete peace of mind knowing that in the event of a disaster, the Jupiter team will be there to put things right.
Large charity organisation
We’ve been with many of the city’s IT providers before Jupiter IT and had nothing but daily IT related issues, both with faults and performance. Since moving to Jupiter IT some years ago our systems have never run better. Our 8 sites talk to each other perfectly, communication has improved, and faults are resoundingly less frequent. A highly recommended service.
Recruitment firm
We sometimes feel like we don’t have an IT provider as our issues are so infrequent and our systems run so smoothly. I get regular reports on Backups and I know the Jupiter team check these regularly and perform test restores. It’s a great feeling to know my data is safe and everything is being patched and updated in the background.
Vehicle management
When our old server started to fail, we were bracing ourselves for some heavy capital outlay. We had a meeting with Jupiter who suggested we go to a fully cloud environment. This has saved us thousands in replacing old failing hardware, that wont need to be replaced every 5 years, and we have access to some great features.
Director, Steel Fabrication Business
We’ve been a client of Jupiter IT for coming up to 10 years now. They recently migrated us to Office 365 with no disruption what-so-ever; 80+ mailboxes and a seamless transition.
Finance Director, Large Engineering Firm
Jupiter IT have recently installed a new phone system for us, with much clearer lines, lots more features AND saved us money in the process. Great service that we would recommend.
Office Manager, Communications Businesses
Jupiter IT upgraded the security on our network, that allowed us to gain our cyber essentials accreditation, a requirement that was needed to tender for large organisations. We have complete confidence in the team at Jupiter IT and their ability to keep us safe from the ever-growing concern of cyber threats.
MD, Recruitment company
Our previous provider took days to resolve issues; since moving to Jupiter, our team has seen a massive improvement in service, which in turn improves our own service. All of the Jupiter team are friendly, knowledgeable and couldn’t be more helpful. Highly recommended service.
MD, Property Development Organisation
IT support provider

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