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Cyber Security Audits: Why They’re More Important Than Ever.


Contrary to popular belief, cyber security audits should not be a one-off event. With the ever-evolving world of cyber crime, it is imperative businesses stay on top of their cyber-security game with regular cyber security audits.

Regular cyber security audits: 5 reasons you need them now more than ever.

#1 The evolution of cyber crime

In recent times, the rate of cyber attacks has increased as much as five-fold. This isn’t because businesses have done anything differently – in fact, it’s the opposite. Changes to how we work have given cyber criminal new ideas and highlight new vulnerabilities for them to exploit. As technology evolves, so too do cyber criminals.

#2 Missed security patches

Keeping up with software security patches can often fall behind on the priority list and this doesn’t go unnoticed by cyber criminals.

A cyber security audit can highlight missed patches across your entire infrastructure, from software applications to malware protection and operating systems.

#3 Meeting the standards

Following Government standards, it’s essential for every business holding sensitive data to maintain regular cyber security audits – and don’t be misled by the identifying ‘sensitive data’, most data falls under this classification.

However, the requirements of the Government standards do vary from industry to industry so it’s important you seek support from cyber security specialists to eliminate doubt and ensure your business is doing what it takes to stay protected.

#4 Working from home

It’s the new ‘norm’ and it’s looking like it’s here to stay which could be music to hackers’ ears if you let it.

Homeworking is one of the reasons for the rapid increase in cyber crime cases as criminals take full advantage of the weaknesses that lie in the increased use of unsecured networks. That’s not to say home working shouldn’t be done – but it needs to be done right.

It’s not as easy as letting your team fire-up an old laptop they have gathering dust at home. You need adequate kit and security measures so make sure you get support from your IT provider when setting up homeworking arrangements.

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#5 Cyber security training for staff

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again (and again, and again probably); your employees are your first line of defence against many types of cyber attack – it’s important they are trained in cyber security.

95% of cyber security attacks are phishing scams: These are aimed at anyone who has access to a computer in your business. The security of your business lies not only in the hands of your IT manager but in the hands of every employee.

Read more about the importance of ensuring your staff are cyber security aware.

More Than IT Support – It’s IT Consultancy

At Jupiter IT, we have a proactive approach to cyber security; monitoring your systems on a day-to-day basis. We also include regular cyber security audits as standard with all our contracts. These audits are based on the 5 key controls laid out by the Government-back Cyber Essentials initiative.

Learn more about Cyber Essentials.

At Jupiter IT, we hold the prestigious Cyber Essential Plus Certification and as experts in this standard, can help you become certified too. To find out more, drop us a line – we’re waiting to share our expertise with you.

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