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The Impact Of AI On Cyber Security: The Good And The Bad


As Artificial Intelligence takes us by storm and is set to be an even bigger tech trend by 2024, we take a look at how AI is impacting cyber security.

What are the cons of AI in cyber security?

Some couldn’t be more excited by AI, whilst others have grave concerns about the impact of AI on cyber security. Ultimately, both outlooks are justified. There are pros and cons. Here are the cons.

False alarms

With AI-powered security systems relying on machine learning from historical data, the chance of false positive alerts is pretty high. Any new data that doesn’t fit historical patterns can be automatically identified as a threat. This high volume of false alarms can overwhelm security teams and lead to genuine threats being missed or picked up too late.

Skilled support

AI it clever but it’s not magic. AI-powered cyber security systems need skilled professionals to implement and maintain the technology. If you outsource your IT to a provider with cyber security specialist skills, it shouldn’t be a problem. If not, experienced AI cyber security professionals can be hard to come by.

Weaponised AI

As businesses discover the new opportunities AI brings them, so too do cyber criminals. Generative AI uses Large Language Models (LLMs) to generate an output. For businesses, this could be used in the guise of ChatGPT, or to power a customer service chatbot. But hackers use this technology to explore code and discover flaws, making their mission quicker.


It’s no surprise that AI-powered cyber security isn’t cheap. The need for specialised hardware, skilled support, and new software all adds up. If your IT budget is limited, a detailed analysis of how cost-effective the technology would be is essential.

Ways to boost your cyber security on a budget.

What are the advantages of AI in cyber security?

The use of AI in cyber security is a growing trend and can bolster your defences. Here’s how AI can have a positive impact on your cyber security.

Threat detection

AI-powered cyber security systems can improve the speed and accuracy of threat detection. Analysing vast amounts of data, AI can identify patterns and use machine-learning algorithms to adapt to new threats. Monitoring networks and endpoints, there’s not much that can slip past AI.

Threat response

One of the great advantages of AI in cyber security is its ability to respond to threats in real time. Using automated threat responses, AI can isolate infected devices and block malicious traffic with speed to limit the damage.

Risk management

Due to its ability to analyse such large volumes of data, AI can help businesses manage risk more effectively. The more data analysed, the more potential vulnerabilities can be identified in a shorter period of time, some of which may not be visible to human analysts. With this information, cyber security teams can proactively mitigate risks before they result in downtime or become critical.

User access authentication

You may already use multi-factor authentication, but AI can make your user access security even tighter.

By analysing user information, AI can identify user behaviour patterns and spot anomalies that could indicate an unauthorised access attempt. It can also adjust access privileges based on the user’s location. For example, if the user is logging in on a public network, certain access rights can be automatically restricted and only reinstated when the user is back on an approved secure network in the workplace.

We specialise in cyber security

It’s important to remember that while AI can have a positive impact on cybersecurity, it is not a complete solution. Human skill should always remain an essential component of your cyber security strategy to enable you to adapt to evolving threats.

At Jupiter IT, we have a proactive approach to cyber security. We monitor your systems daily and include regular cyber security audits based on the Cyber Essentials 5 key controls, as standard.

What’s more, we offer all clients and their team members content-rich, cyber security training that’s relevant to them and their industry.

To find out more, drop us a line – we’re waiting to share our expertise with you.

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