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3 Ways Cyber Security Awareness Can Make Or Break Your Business


You invest in everything you need to ensure your business is protected from the threat of a cyber attack – firewalls, sufficient antivirus solutions, and password management strategies. But cyber security awareness training for your staff may not be as high on your list of priorities as it should be.

Last year, approximately 90% of successful data breaches were caused by human error. Users can accidentally interact with fake websites, fall victim to social engineering email scams, or use unsecured WiFi to access business networks.

Despite this stat, the Government’s 2022 Cyber Security Breaches Survey found that just 17% of businesses support their employees with cyber security awareness.

How effective is cyber security awareness training?

Studies suggest that cyber security awareness training can reduce the risk of a cyber attack by as much as 50% within the first 12 months.

The reason behind this significant impact is simple – employees can’t protect themselves from a threat until they know it is there.

Only 69% of UK workers can accurately describe what phishing is.

Of course, to gain accurate results on the effectiveness of raising cyber security awareness, a business would need to leave themselves vulnerable to an attack knowingly… any volunteers? We thought not, but studies and surveys have been conducted on employees’ level of understanding before and after training.

The results speak for themselves: With regular training, employees have shown a 45% increase in the understanding of how various cyber security threats operate and how to reduce their vulnerability.  

How are your employees likely to react to a phishing attack?

OK, it doesn’t take Einstein to predict that actively raising cyber security awareness in your company can help prevent a cyber attack. But how else can it benefit your business?

3 ways cyber security awareness can boost your business

#1. Reduce the risk of violating compliance requirements

Almost all businesses hold data of others whether it’s customer data, client data, or supplier data… somewhere along the way, you’re likely responsible for the data of others as well as your own.

If you provide effective cyber security awareness training to your teams, compliance should come as a by-product, and you’ll nail those regulations inherently.

#2. Boost your social responsibility credentials

Cyber attacks spread like wildfire. By operating as a vulnerable network, you could be acting as a host and unknowingly providing hackers with a gateway to neighbouring networks.

The WannaCry ransomware attack of 2017 provides a simple example. In this case, hackers exploited a vulnerability found in the Microsoft Windows operating system. The attack spread globally, affecting users including high-profile organisations and thousands of NHS hospitals and surgeries.

So, you can see how good cyber security hygiene is actually a social responsibility.

#3. Protect your employees’ wellbeing

The thought of being responsible for a cyber attack due to an error made can be devastating. Cyber criminals may still find their way in but giving your employees the armour they need to protect themselves will help reassure them they are not at fault if they do fall victim.

Good cyber security awareness training is about people, not organisations. The tools it provides can be used outside of the office too.

Take advantage of our cyber security expertise

You might say we’re on a mission. As cyber crime grows ever more sophisticated, we know that cyber security has never been more important for businesses and we are working hard to protect what you work hard for.

At Jupiter IT, we offer IT support and cyber security in Hull and the surrounding areas, including free, content-rich, cyber security awareness training tailored to your industry. Drop us a line to find out more and book your session.



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