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What is Microsoft Copilot, And Could It Transform Your Business?


Earlier this month, Microsoft revealed the launch of their new AI tool, Microsoft Copilot.

Powered by the minds behind ChatGPT, Open AI, Copilot will integrate large language models (LLM) into all of your favourite Microsoft apps, giving them an AI makeover.

In their official announcement, Microsoft described the new tool as an evolution and said it would “fundamentally change the way we work and unlock a new wave of productivity growth”.

What is Microsoft Copilot, and how will it work?

With an active subscription to Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Copilot will be, in time, integrated into the apps you’re already using.

The new icon will appear in your taskbar. Working in a similar way to a chatbot, you’ll need to click the icon and type your action request in the text box.

Working with a network of information and data connecting your calendar, emails, documents and more, Copilot can draft emails, summarise documents, and even accurately respond to commands such as ‘draft a proposal using my meeting notes from yesterday’.

How can Microsoft Copilot change the way we work?

Aid creativity

How often do you suffer writer’s block (usually on a tight deadline!)? Instead of staring at a blank Word document waiting for a miracle, you can prompt Copilot to give you an initial draft. Some of it will be great; some could be inaccurate and likely off-tone, but that block will be lifted, and you’ll have some solid foundation to work from.

Another app Copilot can help aid creativity in is PowerPoint. If you’ve got more of an eye for numbers and less for design, Copilot can create professional presentations for you using content from your other documents.

Increase productivity

All hail Microsoft Teams for enabling business continuity for so many during the pandemic. But making meetings accessible for so many attendees can sometimes cause them to last longer than necessary and draw inconclusive (too many chefs, you might say!). With Copilot in attendance, you can put an end to unproductive meetings. Like a virtual minute taker, the tool can summarise key points and suggest actions to keep things on track.

If you dread taking leave through fear of your Outlook inbox reaching capacity, Copilot can help with that too. From summarising long threads to drafting replies, Copilot can lighten the load and clear your inbox in a matter of minutes.

Broaden your skills

Many of us use only a fraction of the functionality of the Microsoft 365 apps. The most common reason is the uncertainty of the correct commands to unlock the full capabilities. The beauty of Copilot is it aims to use natural language. For example, previously, users would need to be comfortable using formulas to create a graph of averages from an Excel sheet of data; with Copilot, you can now ask the AI tool in your own words to complete the task for you.

What Microsoft Copilot looks like

When will Microsoft Copilot be available?

Testing is currently underway with a group of 20 customers, including 8 in the Fortune 500. The full rollout is a work in progress, but previews are expected to reach wider customer groups in the coming months.

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