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Microsoft 365 Guide To The Power Platform


Microsoft’s Power Platform offers a set of tools your business can use to develop bespoke applications, automate processes, analyse data, and create chatbots.

The beauty of these tools is they use little-to-no code, making them usable for everyone!

It is estimated that by 2025 70% of applications developed by businesses will use low- or no-code technology.

What tools make the Power Platform?

Whilst the Power Platform was first released in 2018, many of its components have been around longer. Some you no doubt recognise or perhaps already use:

Power BI

Power BI is designed to turn your business data into opportunities. It can take data from unrelated sources to turn a sea of stats into a coherent visual and interactive insight. What once was a trove of unutilised data becomes an informative and digestible report that inform important business decisions and direct planning.

70% of businesses feel their data is not used to its full advantage.

Power Apps

Power Apps makes building custom applications easy for businesses. Like Power BI, this tool can gather data from numerous sources such as Excel and SharePoint, reducing your efforts significantly. With no prior code knowledge, anyone in your organisation can build a sophisticated app for use on desktop or mobile devices to transform a manual process and increase efficiency.

Power Automate

With Power Automate (previously known as Flow), you can create automatic workflows to complete some of your time-consuming tasks without you even lifting a finger. Offering thousands of prebuilt templates, Power Automate is compatible with hundreds of connectors such as Outlook, SharePoint and Teams. All you have to do is set the triggers and let the tool do the work.

Power Pages

Missing an online presence? Power Pages is a secure SaaS platform that makes building an external-facing website easy. Using very little code, you can create and host a modern website that could open a new world of opportunity for your business.

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Benefits of using the Power Platform

#1. Skill development

Utilising the Power Platform allows your team to get creative without needing to be pro-coders. This can empower them to develop solutions to challenges within their roles and teams without relying on the availability of IT personnel.

#2. Digital transformation

Automation is fast becoming critical for businesses. Repetitive daily processes take time that costs money, not to mention the frustration they can often cause your team. The Power Platform suite can accelerate digital transformation in your organisation to benefit productivity and business continuity.

#3. Increased flexibility

All the tools within the Power Platform are accessible by desktop or mobile devices, including tablets. Colleagues can use apps, review dashboards and access reports from any device, anywhere.

#4. Boost morale

Having such an accessible platform available for all employees enables teams to build bespoke solutions to meet their individual needs and improve their workflow. With far less time and investment needed, the project doesn’t have to suit the entire organisation to be deemed beneficial.

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