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The Best New Microsoft 365 Features in 2022


Microsoft 365 features are developing all the time and updates are rolled out quite frequently. How quickly your organisation receives the updates depends on the update channel you have set:

Current Channel – gives you access to new Microsoft 365 features as and when they are released.

Monthly Enterprise Channel – gives you access to new Microsoft 365 features once a month.

Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel – gives you access to new Microsoft 365 features every 6 months.

So, whether they are pending in your next due update, or you’ve come across them already, here are some of the best new features so far this year:

New Microsoft 365 features we love

New Microsoft 365 features to hit Office Online

Giving you access to all your Office apps from anywhere with cloud-based synchronisation, this portal has seen some handy new features so far this year.

The homepage of Office Online is now more functional than ever. Not only does it immediately present you with a ‘Quick Access’ section of recently used files, but it also allows you to filter by document type or recipients of a file for easier and faster file accessibility.

A nice accompaniment to this is the new ‘My Content’ folder found to the left of the homepage: This is a super-efficient way to access any files or attachments shared with you locally or via the cloud.

New Microsoft 365 features to hit Teams

A platform thrust into our daily working lives through circumstance, Microsoft Teams is now arguably one of the most crucial platforms for businesses. It enabled us to react promptly to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and continues to enhance flexibility for businesses today.

The new Hot Desk feature is a function that will help many organisations manage today’s hybrid-working culture far more efficiently. Simple yet effective, this new feature enables users to find and reserve a workspace in their offices via a public Teams calendar – the perfect way to manage flexible working without it becoming a full-time headache!

Microsoft Teams is the most popular business communication platform with over a quarter of a million daily users worldwide.

Despite the daily video meetings over Teams, it never seems to get easier seeing yourself on screen in your periphery. Even Microsoft know it! That’s why they’ve introduced the ‘hide’ function. With this feature, you can have your camera turned on but remove the preview box from the bottom corner of your screen (just don’t forget everyone else can still see you!).

New Microsoft 365 features to hit PowerPoint

For many years, people haven’t delivered presentations, they have delivered PowerPoints which says it all. But in no way does this mean Microsoft neglect the app, taking its success for granted.

This year, PowerPoint has been updated with a very clever AI feature. For those rehearsing presentation delivery alone, a Speaker Coach can detect pitch, pace and even filler words. You will then be presented with a summary of your rehearsal for you to analyse and make improvements where necessary.

Be sure you’re getting the most from your tech

Microsoft 365 features are improving all the time. If you’re not up to date, you could be missing something that could improve your business’s efficiency, productivity and even impact on growth.

Could you be getting more out of Microsoft 365?

You can keep on top of new Microsoft 365 features and updates using the Microsoft 365 Roadmap – a resource published by Microsoft to enable leaders and users to get the most from their service.

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