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End-Of-Life For Windows Server 2012: What Does It Mean And What Should You Do Next?


Thought Windows Server 2012 had reached end-of-life already? Technically, it did. Microsoft announced the end of mainstream support over 4 years ago.

However, they took the decision to provide extended support for a further 5 years to give customers the time they needed to adjust and migrate.

When will Windows Server 2012 really reach end-of-life?

All editions of Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 will end on October 10th, 2023 – definitely.

This means that from this date, technical support, updates, bug fixes, and security patches will no longer be provided.

What does this mean for businesses using Windows Server 2012?

As tempting as it may be to continue using the outdated operating system, there are real risks of using old tech.

Whilst Windows Server 2012 will still work after the end-of-life date, continuing to use the system can leave your network vulnerable to cyber security threats and result in compatibility issues with newer hardware and software.

What comes next for Windows Server 2012 users?

Microsoft are advising two options for businesses still using the operating system:

For those who want to keep an on-premises server

If you have been happy using Windows Server 2012, you can upgrade to Windows Server 2022. By upgrading you can continue using the operating system whilst maintaining your cyber security and benefiting from the latest features.

However, before you migrate it’s important to check compatibility with your existing hardware. The new 2022 operating system may require more memory and higher processing power than its predecessor – check if your hardware can handle the upgrade. It’s also a good idea to check compatibility with any software your business relies on.

There is also a sub-option for those wanting to stick with an on-site server: Extended Service Updates (ESUs) can be purchased giving you up to 3 more years of security updates for Windows Server 2012. This could buy you some time if you’re considering a bigger change in the future, but we wouldn’t recommend it as a solution.

For those ready for a change

For many businesses, this could be the perfect opportunity to harness the cloud and migrate to a solution like Azure.

Among hundreds of products and services, Microsoft Azure offers Virtual Machines. A virtual machine behaves just like a server but is cloud-based. It’s easy to use, scalable, and provides its own CPUs, memory, and hard drives so the chances are, migration could even save you some money.

Time for a change in tech? We’re here to help

Trying new technology can be daunting for you and your staff. But with services like Azure, you can significantly improve productivity, reduce cost, and tighten security. If you hold back on your tech, you could be holding back your business.

Learn more about how Microsoft Azure can save you time and money.

And we’re on hand to help! Whether you want to optimise how you use your tech or introduce a new solution, we offer training, advice, and jargon-free support. Just get in touch!


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