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Does Your Business Need Remote Monitoring and Management?


The quick and easy answer is yes! But first, let’s understand what remote monitoring and management is.

Also known as RMM, remote monitoring and management software is used by managed service providers (MSPs) like us, to monitor your business’ devices in terms of their performance and security.

The RMM software is installed on your business devices. It then detects any issues and reports them back to your MSP so they can fix the problem as early as possible. Most of the time, before you even know the issue exists.

And it’s not just individual hardware the remote monitoring and management software reports on, it can monitor your entire network.

The benefits of remote monitoring and management.

Downtime is a thing of the past.

Downtime can be significantly reduced thanks to remote monitoring and management. Spotting and reporting brewing issues to your MSP before your tech is affected makes RMM a vital tool to keeping your business running smoothly. Your MSP can then perform the required fixes in the background without you even knowing.

“Since moving to Jupiter IT some years ago, our systems have never run better. Our 8 sites talk to each other perfectly, communication has improved, and faults are resoundingly less frequent.”

– Finance Director, Prestige Recruitment.

Lowering IT costs.

Not only will it often prevent the cost of downtime for your business, but RMM will also save you money on serious IT repairs as issues are nipped in the bud before they cause severe damage.

Update automation.

The RMM software monitors all business devices and makes sure important security updates are installed. This way, you’re not relying on your employees to execute updates and their time isn’t spent doing so.

Remote maintenance and repairs.

Remote monitoring and maintenance enables your IT service provider to access any device remotely should they need to troubleshoot an issue. This is a great benefit for anyone working from home and, with no travel time involved, means you can be back up and running much faster.

At Jupiter IT, 55% of all issues are resolved in under 12 minutes thanks to remote monitoring and management.


RMM can compile reports on issues detected over time. This can be a great way to spot trends that will help you make informed decisions on updating old tech.

Jupiter IT – your IT department.

At Jupiter IT, we offer proactive IT support and managed IT services. We’re all about doing what’s right for the client and their business.

We use remote monitoring and management to keep your systems running smoothly and identify any upgrade needs.

If you’d like to learn more about our unique IT contracts, give us a call; we’ll give you a free audit of your systems and a rundown on how we can make your IT better.

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Sometimes the simplest actions bring the best results, whereas other problems may seem impossible to fix. We’re here to get everything up and running again in no time at all, also offering straightforward advice to keep your business going from strength to strength.

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