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What Does ITaaS Mean?


Ever seen ‘ITaaS’ and thought ‘what the…?’

ITaaS stands for IT as a Service and whilst you may have always seen your IT support as a ‘service’, it’s not quite the same.

What is IT as a Service (ITaaS)?

With the increased use of cloud services, businesses have come to recognise the advantages of subscription services, above purchased IT infrastructure. This includes IT support.

What’s the difference between ITaaS and traditional IT support?

Your IT support may be in-house or outsourced; it may be a team or an individual. Whatever your IT support looks like, its purpose is to respond to technical issues and resolve them – it supports the IT elements of your business.

ITaaS offers the whole kit and caboodle. It gives you access to a custom-designed IT model that will not only support your IT infrastructure but also service your tech to make sure it’s working to drive your business forward towards meeting its goals.

What are the benefits of ITaaS over traditional IT support or an in-house IT Manager?

An ITaaS provider is a business itself, delivering a service. And we all know what happens to a business that repeatedly delivers a poor service to its customers or clients.

Imagine choosing your meal from the menu in a restaurant and being told ‘That will be with you in 3 days.’ You’d be moving on to the next restaurant, right?

“Having worked with Jupiter at a previous role, I knew they would be a perfect fit when we were looking for an “IT as a Service” partner. A high-end technical team that go that extra mile. Highly recommended”

– Head | Ron Dearing University Technical College.

But a good level of service and fast response isn’t the only benefit to ITaaS:

The right people, with the right skills: Employing an in-house IT Manager or support team can be daunting.In such a specialist area, it’s hard to know what to look for in a candidate and what skill set they should have.By choosing ITaaS, you get access to an expertly selected team with a range of skill sets from cyber security specialists and IT project pros to server experts.

24/7 availability: An IT crisis can happen any day, any time but in-house IT staff are only available during working hours. ITaaS gives you peace of mind that your business is supported day and night to minimise downtime, and holiday cover is no longer a problem.

Proactive monitoring: IT support jumps to action when there is an issue impacting the productivity in your business. With ITaaS, your systems are constantly monitored to identify, and many times resolve, issues before you’re even aware they existed.

Improved infrastructure: The time of an internal IT manager is largely occupied by the day-to-day business functioning. When you use ITaaS, you have a skilled team meticulously managing your IT; making sure all software updates take place, keeping up to date with the latest cyber security threats and ensuring your business is protected, even identifying the latest tech that can help support your business growth.

“Jupiter IT are not just a good IT support company but a great IT consultancy firm. Highly recommend.”

– Hull Tigers FC

Budget management: ITaaS is also a very cost-effective solution. With tailored service contracts to meet your needs, you can manage the cost without cutting corners. An ITaaS provider will also have strong partnerships with suppliers giving them access to trade discounts on software, hardware and cyber security solutions, which they can pass on to you as their client.

 ”IT can be a bit of a dark art for some business owners, so rather than putting their faith in one individual (an IT Manager), IT as a Service allows us to provide permanent onsite IT engineers, where needed, and access to a whole range of IT Professionals from Cyber Security Specialist, to IT Directors. This arrangement also omits the need for holiday and sickness cover and provides the business with a more proactive consultative, strategic and security-conscious IT solution, often at a fraction of the current cost.   

– Dan, Jupiter IT | Infrastructure Director 

We can be your IT department.

At Jupiter IT, we offer you ITaaS and managed IT services. We are more than your IT provider; we’re invested in your business and become your IT department.

Technology moves at a rapid rate and to find and invest in an in-house team of IT experts to keep your business up to date, protected and growing, is no mean feat.

If you’d like to learn more about our unique IT contracts, give us a call; we’ll give you a free audit of your systems and a rundown on how we can make your IT better.


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