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5 Common Cyber Security Myths Uncovered


It’s never been more important to understand the cyber security of your business. Over the last year, more than 80% of UK organisations have experienced a successful attack. You could put this down to the implications of the pandemic, increased home working… but despite all that, cyber crime is an ever-growing threat that moves at the speed of technology. With this in mind, we wanted to take the time to debunk some cyber security myths and explore the truths.

The truth about the 5 most common cyber security myths


#1. Hackers aren’t interested in small businesses

We hear this cyber security myth all the time and it couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, SMEs are seen as easy pickings for cyber criminals because of this myth (the irony!).

A Hiscox study found that around 65,000 hack attempts are made on UK SMEs every day. Around 4,500 are successful. And because small businesses tend to be unprepared for a cyber attack, 60% of those that do fall victim, are financially forced to close their doors for good within six months.

Learn more about why cyber security should be a priority for your SME.


#2. Strong passwords will keep a business safe

The National Cyber Security Centre was able to compile a list of 100,000 passwords that had been involved in a data breach. We feel that’s proof enough that password protection is no longer enough.

With more remote access being used, passwords can be a real vulnerability for businesses. Implementing multifactor identification has now become a cyber security must.

Learn more about multifactor identification and other AI cyber security platforms >


#3. We’re Cyber Essentials Certified – we can’t be attacked

The Cyber Essentials accreditation is a great way to identify and rectify your cyber security vulnerabilities and a great teaching tool to help you understand cyber security risks: But protecting your business doesn’t stop there.

Putting what you’ve learned into daily practice and maintaining the changes you have implemented to gain accreditation is vital. Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and you need to keep up.

Take a look at the next 4 steps you should take after achieving your Cyber Essentials accreditation.


#4. We have an IT department – it’s their responsibility

In some parts this is true: It is the responsibility of your IT department or external IT support to ensure your cyber security is tight; it is their responsibility to monitor for threats… but it’s also their responsibility to make sure everyone in your business has the knowledge and awareness to be able to do the same.

50% of successful cyber attacks are due to human error. Gaps in tech can be easily patched by the right cyber security specialists, but cyber criminals are all too aware that the easiest way to access data is to target those who hold it with social engineering techniques.

This is why Jupiter IT offer free, tailored cyber security training to all of our clients and their staff.


#5. We have anti-virus and anti-malware protection, so we’re covered

Of course, you should have these, but this software alone will not provide your business with the level of cyber security it needs.

Devices are the gateway to your network and for this reason, they need protecting as much as possible. This means using sufficient antivirus software (off-the-shelf protection is fine for your home PC but make sure you have advice from your IT provider on what you need to protect your business), malware protection, AI platforms and device encryption.

This multi-pronged approach will help prevent an attack due to human error, protect your network from being hacked, and will even rescue your data if a device is stolen.

As cyber security specialists, we can help

If you lack confidence in your cyber security strategy, we can help you identify your vulnerabilities and understand how to bridge the gaps with a free comprehensive IT audit. Just give us a call and speak to one of our cyber security specialists.


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