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Top Tech Trends Coming In 2024


Given that we’ve passed the halfway mark for 2023 (yes, really!), we’re looking at what tech trends we can expect to see in 2024.

This year has already brought some mind-blowing innovations and it looks like there are more breakthroughs to come. So, let’s see what’s on the horizon and how you could use it to transform your business.

What are the tech trends for 2024?

#1. The rise of computing power

This year has seen the beginning of better 5G networks. With 6G also on the horizon we can expect even more powerful smartphone and mobile devices which will help improve flexibility and remote working for businesses.

Cloud infrastructure will also continue to improve, making cloud migration a popular choice for even more businesses.

#2. Quantum computing

The rise of quantum computing will bring computing power a trillion times greater than even today’s supercomputers can achieve. Using quantum physics principles, this tech will be able to solve problems, perform calculations and process information with speed and accuracy yet to be seen.

Aside from being impressive, this 2024 tech trend could help make your business significantly more efficient and bring super-enhanced cyber security benefits to better protect your data.

#3. Datafication

Data is the number one asset for most businesses – whether it’s your customer data, website performance data or general sales data. Datafication in 2024 is set to help you better track, process, monitor and analyse your data to further enhance its value, and help drive digital transformation.

#4. 3D printing

A decade ago, 3D printing belonged to sci-fi. Now, it’s commonly used for initial designs and prototypes. But in 2024, 3D printing is set to transform manufacturing as it’s increasingly used for final product production including custom parts for construction, tools, toys and even furniture.

#5. Artificial intelligence

AI capabilities seem to have rocketed this year, but its limits are far from reached. We’ve explored ChatGPT and some businesses have begun experimenting with AI imagery and videos in their marketing.

The real breakthrough AI could bring your business in 2024 is the low- or no-code tech trend. This AI capability will introduce simple drag-and-drop interfaces to app creation, allowing businesses to develop their own in-house applications with little-to-no coding knowledge needed.

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