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The Top 5 Cyber Security Threats In 2023


As technology advances, so do cyber security threats. Already, 2023 has seen some major advances in tech such as AI and Automation that have raised concerns around cyber security as cyber crime grows just as sophisticated.

In 2022, cyber crime rose by 38%

But holding back on new technology is no way to protect your business. You need to be able to advance whilst knowing what cyber security threats to look out for.

What are the cyber security threats to look out for in 2023?

#5. Smartphone malware

Mobile hacking has become more appealing to cyber criminals in recent times. As devices aid us with remote working and catching up on emails out-of-hours, they have become a prime target for accessing data.

Smartphone malware can spread from a number of sources including unofficial apps, QR codes and compromised public WiFi.

A fake QR code can open payment apps, send a text or even make a phone call from your smartphone without your knowledge

So, make sure your smartphone is never set to automatically connect to unfamiliar networks (this includes coffee shops and railway service networks), only download apps from official stores i.e. Apple Store or Play Store, and double-check links generated by QR codes carefully for anything suspicious.

Learn more about how to protect your smartphone from cyber attacks.

#4. Wipers

Whilst ransomware is visible, wipers slip very easily under the radar and will have a bigger impact on your business. Instead of breaching data and demanding a ransom for its release, wipers immediately delete everything.

With no visible gain for the hacker, it’s easy to see why wipers have been relatively rare in the past. However, 2022 saw multiple families of wipers developed and deployed as part of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Since then, many of these destructive attacks have been reported as it grows ever more popular as a tool for cyber warfare.

Sadly, this cyber security threat is almost impossible to manage. But you can prepare for damage limitation with cloud back-ups. Having a secure backup of all your data off-site can reduce downtime and ultimately save your business.

#3. Weaponising legitimate tools

Remember we said cyber security threats were growing more sophisticated? An increasingly favoured tactic for hackers is to disguise malware as a legitimate tool used within your business. They do this by building standard operating system functions into their malware to avoid triggering signature-based antivirus programmes.

Most off-the-shelf antivirus solutions are signature-based. For greater protection, your business may need a more comprehensive solution. It’s always worth checking with your IT provider or a cyber security specialist that the solution you are using is robust enough for your business.

#2. Artificial Intelligence

We’ve already talked about AI as one of the major technological advances of 2023, so it’s probably no surprise to see it in this list.

With the seemingly overnight advances in machine learning and algorithms such as ChatGPT comes a new host of cyber security threats for businesses. Not only can these AI tools be used to execute more successful cyber attacks on businesses, but they can also use your business as a platform to attack your customers.

Of course, AI has its place in protecting your business too, which shouldn’t be overlooked. But we do recommend someone with strong cyber security know-how monitors it carefully.

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What is the top cyber security threat in 2023?

#1. Ransomware

It’s probably no surprise to see ransomware at the top of the list. Ransomware attacks rose by 82% in 2021 and that figure continues to climb.

There are a number of steps you can take towards protecting your business from ransomware but with phishing identified as the top threat vector, cyber security awareness training is one of the most important.

Learn more about the effectiveness of cyber security awareness training.

Cyber security consultancy is peace of mind

You might say we’re on a mission. As cyber crime grows ever more sophisticated, we know that cyber security has never been more important for businesses and we are working hard to protect what you work hard for.

At Jupiter IT, we offer IT support and cyber security in Hull and the surrounding areas, including free, content-rich, cyber security awareness training tailored to your industry. Drop us a line to find out more and book your session.



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