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4 Digital Transformation Challenges and How To Solve Them


Digital transformation has been a hot topic for businesses ever since the global pandemic hit the UK.

In 2020, many businesses digitally transformed with haste to survive lockdown, quickly implementing solutions such as Microsoft Teams to enable employees to continue their work from home. Many of those who didn’t, continued business through lockdown but with less efficiency and inevitable risk to their cyber security.  

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Having witnessed or experienced the tangible benefits of such digital transformation, many businesses are looking for the next solution to aid hybrid working and further stabilise their business against unprecedented events.

And they’re right to do so; digital transformation has many benefits. However, the challenges of implementation shouldn’t be overlooked.

How to overcome the 4 most common digital transformation challenges

#1. Lack of in-house expertise

Implementing new digital technologies to achieve digital transformation isn’t as easy as you’d think. Set-up often requires high-level technical expertise to ensure security measures are met and the technology is implemented to its full potential. In addition, end-user experience is only positive if the appropriate training is given, which requires time.

Even if you have the skills in-house, implementing new technologies will shift their focus away from their day-to-day, creating a risk that other essential tasks could be missed.

Our team covers a diverse range of expertise and dedicates time to knowledge and skill development to keep ahead of the latest tech, threats and solutions.

#2. Employee hesitation

Research suggests that 62% of people are hesitant to leave their comfort zone – as humans, we are hardwired to interpret change as a threat. To overcome this challenge, it’s important to involve employees throughout the process of digital transformation. Remember, you are potentially changing the way they have worked for many years and this is an understandable reason for concern.

Keep them informed throughout the transition and most importantly, be sure they understand the reasoning behind it: How it will benefit the business and enable them to carry out their role more effectively with ease. You should also help build their confidence by beginning adequate training as early in the transition process as possible.

When introducing new technology to your business, we’ll be happy to sit with your teams and show them the ropes; helping them recognise the benefits and minimising any impact on their productivity.

#3. Lack of strategy and planning

Trying to implement digital transformation without a strategy is like building a house without an architectural plan. As a result, you risk poor integration with other IT systems, damage to productivity and can even subject your business to increased cyber security risks.

To avoid chaos, you need to set clear objectives and timelines and have as many people involved in the planning as possible to gain insight from varying perspectives of the business. Working with a trusted IT provider with experience on such a project can help avoid oversights.

We have the experience and the expertise to plan and execute your IT projects for you – all things considered.

#4. Budget

Managing challenge number 3 can help with this one. Quite often, over-spend is a result of poor planning as it causes additional downtime and man-hours that haven’t been budgeted for. However, sometimes, regardless of planning, the budget for the solution you think you need for your business simply isn’t there.

The best way to overcome this challenge is to outsource the project. Working with an experienced IT provider will open you up to solution options within your budget you likely never knew existed.

We only suggest solutions that are right for our clients and tailor projects according to your budget.

We can help you digitally transform your business

If you’d like to discuss how you can digitally transform your business, give us a call. It can be hard to know which tech will benefit your business, and which will simply drain your budget but we’re on hand to give you independent advice with no obligation.



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