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The 4 Cyber Security Vulnerabilities Putting Your Business At Risk The Most


There has never been a better time to review the cyber security vulnerabilities your business faces as cyber attacks rise at a worrying pace.

More than 60% of UK businesses reported a cyber attack in 2019.

This number rose to 96% in 2020.

Throughout the whole of Europe, British businesses have been hit the hardest. So, we want to highlight the cyber security vulnerabilities UK businesses face to help you identify and eliminate those that threaten your business.

The 4 most common cyber security vulnerabilities

#1. Cyber security awareness

When it comes to cyber security vulnerabilities for businesses, employees are usually the weakest link. Lack of cyber security training leaves employees open to social engineering scams. In fact, 80% of cyber security breaches are successful through phishing attacks.

Arming your staff with the knowledge they need to make them more vigilant and cautious with the data they handle is essential to protecting your business. That’s why we offer free cyber security workshops with industry-tailored content to all of our clients and their staff.

#2. Misconfigured software and hardware

Misconfigured software and servers can be an easy mistake to make; it can also be an expensive mistake as it gives cyber criminals easy access to your network. Poor patch management is another example of a cyber security vulnerability that can be easily missed without the support of a proactive IT provider.

Working with a Managed IT Service provider will tighten your security. Not only will your IT systems be proactively managed and monitored for optimum performance, but all your patch management will also be taken care of automatically.

Learn more about how your business could benefit from IT Managed Service.

#3. Remote workforce

Home and hybrid working has opened many new cyber security vulnerabilities for businesses. Not only are staff using unprotected devices and networks to conduct business, but IT administrators have also found themselves stretched and unable to spend sufficient time keeping users secure as they focus on keeping them productive.

That’s not to say your staff can’t work remotely safely. Providing employees are armed with secure devices and access to a reliable VPN connection, they can still work effectively whilst protecting the sensitive data your business holds.

#4. Lack of defence planning

With the threat of cyber attacks growing so rapidly, it’s safe to say if you don’t have the plans in place to protect your business, you can expect to fall victim at any time – remember, no business is too big or too small.

A Hiscox study found that around 4,500 UK SMEs are hit by cyber attacks every day.

Defence planning isn’t just about working to prevent a cyber attack, it’s also about having a robust disaster recovery plan in place to restore your data and recover as quickly as possible in the event of a successful breach.

Regular cyber security audits are a must to stay on top of the ever-growing threat of cyber crime. Not only do they highlight existing vulnerabilities, but an audit can also help prevent possible vulnerabilities based on cyber crime developments.

Your cyber security is our speciality

Our proactive approach to cyber security means your systems are constantly monitored in the background while you focus on your daily business. Regular cyber security audits are carried out as standard for all of our clients based on the 5 key controls laid out by the Government-backed Cyber Essentials initiative. We also ease the pressure of keeping up to speed with the latest cyber crime developments as we do that for you. To find out more, drop us a line – we’re waiting to share our expertise with you.


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