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SharePoint Vs. OneDrive: What’s The Difference?


SharePoint and OneDrive have some things in common that can make them difficult to distinguish. Both are cloud-based platforms. Both are Microsoft products. Both integrate with Microsoft 365. But their use cases set them apart quite distinctly.

What’s the difference between SharePoint and OneDrive?

To add confusion, OneDrive uses SharePoint infrastructure so many of the benefits and features do overlap. But they have their differences, nonetheless.

OneDrive – a cloud storage solution

OneDrive allows you to securely store and share files across devices, giving you access from anywhere. It’s ideal for personal use if you’re a hybrid worker or commute a lot and carry out much of your work on-the-go.

It also enables real-time collaboration for multiple people to work on the same document at the same time. This is a real game-changer for occasional projects within small teams or with external organisations.

SharePoint – a document management system

SharePoint is a much more powerful tool when used to its full potential. Filling the space of a company intranet site, it can streamline how your business organises files and documents, and can improve work processes for greater productivity.

When it comes to collaboration, SharePoint in king. It’s perfect for collaborating among colleagues and cross-team sharing. And if you work with external project partners, you can establish SharePoint sites to give them access to only what they need.

When to use SharePoint Vs. OneDrive

Both platforms integrating with Microsoft 365 makes using both an accessible option. And you should… based on need.

Here’s some factors to consider when deciding which to use and when:

OneDrive = Me

The best way to view OneDrive is as your personal storage space. Here you can save and access all the files and documents that are relevant to you only. No one in your organisation can access them until you choose to share them and grant permissions.

What’s more, your files accessible from any device, anywhere, and securely backed-up on the cloud.

This comes in handy when:

✔️ You’re still in the drafting stages of a document, report or presentation and don’t want your initial ramblings seen by others.

✔️ You’re working on a confidential document that should only be seen by you and higher management.

✔️ A file or document is primarily for your use only but you want to temporarily share it with someone for feedback or input.

SharePoint = We

The clue is really in the name: SharePoint is all about collaboration. A secure central storage for all to share (with customisable permissions of course).

Turn to SharePoint when:

✔️ The document is relevant to everyone in the business such as company guidebooks, work processes, and holiday forms.

✔️ You need to create a collaborative file for documents to be collated and stored from various teams.

✔️ You have a remote or hybrid workforce working on the same project and need to maintain productivity.

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