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The 5 Biggest Benefits of Cloud Backups

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Cloud services are the biggest game-changer to today’s technology; they allow you to work from anywhere, essentially accessing your office from home or abroad, and optimise collaborative working throughout businesses. But another function The Cloud offers which is particularly noteworthy is Cloud backups. 

Secure backups of your data is essential in business. Not only does it allow you to scroll back through archives as far as year dot, in the event of an IT catastrophe your backups will protect your data and could ultimately save your business. 

Although we may point to the sky when we refer to The Cloud, it is of course not up there floating in the atmosphere but is, in reality, a vast network of servers spread around the globe; if a facility breaks down, there’s always a failsafe in place. 

There are countless benefits to Cloud backups; we’ve broken it down to just 5 of the biggest benefits you could reap: 

#1 Cloud Backups Could Save You Money 

With Cloud backups you will need zero infrastructure investment; in terms of hardware, your computer network is all you need. The backup process (and recovery process if even necessary) is a simple download that can be carried out from anywhere. This avoids a huge spend on additional equipment. 

#2 Keep It Safe 

Although not invincible, because nothing is, one very appealing benefit Cloud backups bring is security. With cyber security a huge priority these days, it helps to know your critical files are protected and Cloud backups can alleviate more risks than financially or practically possible for most businesses. 

Learn more about how secure The Cloud is > 

#3 Once It’s Done, It’s Done 

Once you’re using Cloud Backups, it becomes an automated process; at a set time every day (or hour, or week), your company’s data will be synced. You and your team can beaver away safe in the knowledge that your backups are running to a schedule and you don’t have to worry about them. 

#4 Fast Recovery 

Unlike the good ol’ days of the tape backup, Cloud backups give you extremely fast recovery times; the process is straightforward and speedy. From single file recovery to full bare metal restores, if the unthinkable happens, you can be up in no time. It’s good to know that should the worst happen; you have the best solution.  

#5 Develop Your Business 

If you have an in-house IT engineer or team, being able to rely on The Cloud for your backups will free up their time to focus on IT development and other beneficial projects that will help grow your business. Their involvement in backups will be reduced to little-to-none. 

All-in-all, Cloud backups are a secure, simple and seamless way of managing your company’s files and data; and our engineers check backups are running smoothly every morning, so you need not give them a second thought. 

The Cloud has opened a world of opportunities and at Jupiter IT, we’re keen to give our clients the chance to take advantage. We only partner with the best and most reputable providers to find you a Cloud solution that will benefit your business. Find out more here or drop us a line and we’ll be happy to talk you through how you can benefit from Cloud service. 

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