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Why Your Business Should Move To Cloud Services

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Cloud services are a real game-changer for business; increasing operational efficiency, improving agility and reducing costs. There’s no wonder 93% of businesses have switched.

If your business isn’t benefitting from cloud services, here’s what you’re missing:

5 reasons your business should move to cloud services:

#1 Instant savings

There are a number of ways switching to cloud services can save you money immediately.

Firstly, you can save on your data storage. With cloud services, you can start small and increase your needs as your business grows instead of committing a monthly payment for storage you’ll never use. In fact, most providers offer some degree of free storage included in their basic packages.

And then there are the huge savings on hardware. Backing up your data on the cloud requires zero infrastructure investment – your network is all you need! The backup process (and recovery process if ever necessary) is a simple download that can be carried out from anywhere, avoiding spend on additional equipment.

#2 Keep it simple

Without cloud services, implementing new software into your business can be an involved, costly and drawn-out process. Often, a higher specification of server hardware is needed, you’re likely to be required to purchase the software upfront, and any software upgrades are usually chargeable.

A cloud infrastructure simplifies the entire process: The software can be hosted on the vendor’s systems and managed from there, with all updates and checks handled by the software provider.

#3 Always have the latest versions of software

As part of your subscription, you are often automatically provided the latest version of your software. This saves you money on upgrades and ensures everyone is using the same version, limiting compatibility issues and optimising staff training. The cost savings here should not be underestimated.

#4 Flexibility

Remote working is a growing trend and 68% of businesses in the UK are now able to offer their staff flexible working arrangements – mostly thanks to cloud services.

With a cloud infrastructure, all your business data and applications can be securely accessed from any device, anywhere.

This not only makes for happier employees as the work/life balance is harmonised, but also improves the flexibility of your business: Individuals can still be responsive to urgent office matters whilst away at a conference, for example, or if your company premises ever had to close (say due to a world-wide pandemic?), your business could still run like clockwork remotely.

#5 Data security

Cloud services can significantly increase your security and in today’s world, very little is more important to your client than the security of their data. In fact, reports show that as many as 94% of businesses report significant security improvements after a move to cloud services.

The reason being cloud backups: Although we may point to the sky when we refer to the cloud, it is of course not up there floating in the atmosphere but is, in reality, a vast network of servers spread around the globe. If a facility breaks down, there’s always a failsafe in place.

If your cyber security were to be breached, or a power outage were to halt your systems, recovering your data from the cloud is quick and easy.

There’s more to know about the benefits of cloud backups here.

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