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Reduce Your IT Costs: 5 Ways To Cut Your Budget Without Compromise

Reduce Your IT Costs

If you’re running a business, you’re constantly looking to reduce cost. With budgets set for everything from stationery to marketing, it can sometimes feel like it’s all pay.

IT costs often require the largest budgets, and that’s got to be OK because your business ultimately depends on your IT systems. But what if there were ways to reduce your IT operation costs without impacting on your IT objectives? Well, there probably is…

5 Ways To Reduce Your IT Costs Without Sacrifice Of Service

#1 Hardware and Software

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Not when it comes to your IT. A regular audit of your IT is essential to make sure everything is running at its optimum capacity. So often, systems are left to run underused and outdated, having a detrimental effect on how staff use their time and ultimately the service delivered to clients.

A software clear-out can be an easy way to reduce your IT costs. All too often, software licenses are bought, and the software never used; or a member of staff leaves the business and their Office 365 subscription is never cancelled. This can cost businesses hundreds of pounds in annual revenue. Implement a regular software review to keep costs down.

Similarly, software subscriptions should be reviewed on a regular basis: Pricing models can change over time and competitor software released with cheaper rates – there could be some significant savings to be made.

#2 Utility Bills

Just as you would for your home utility bills, you should schedule regular reviews for your business and your spend on powering and maintaining your IT infrastructure. Your business may have grown significantly since you chose your tariff and it could be time a change.

When it comes to your telephone bills, consider switching to a VoIP service (Voice over IP). VoIP uses your internet connection to make and receive calls, making separate phone and broadband bills a thing of the past. In addition, VoIP systems are rich with features that are sure to enhance your business.

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#3 Internet Services

OK, this is essential, of course, but it’s always worth looking at: Are you on the best service plan to suit your usage? Would a service bundle benefit the way your business works? Would you benefit from buying routers instead of renting them from your ISP? These are all areas you can explore to cut costs or improve efficiencies.

#4 Cloud Computing

Utilising cloud services can bring huge savings to your business, and you could gain better performance at a fraction of the price of an on-site IT infrastructure. As well as saving money, you’ll be tightening your data security, improving opportunity for collaborative working within your teams, and optimising your time with easier flexible working.

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#5 Outsourced IT Support

Hiring experienced in-house IT staff requires investment: An IT technician might cost you an average salary of £29,000 – an experience IT consultant or IT manager considerably more – not to mention the tools to do their job including specialist IT equipment, monitoring software, etc. And let’s not forget the day-to-day costs of employment such as NI, PAYE and holiday leave.

There was a time when in-house could have meant more invested but these days, good outsourced IT support will not only support your IT but will support you in your business.

With most small businesses requiring just low-level support, an IT support and maintenance contract with a fixed monthly fee could reduce your overheads significantly in the long run. 

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Jupiter IT Is More Than IT Support – It’s IT Consultancy

With a Jupiter IT support contract, many of your common IT problems become a thing of the past thanks to our tech training, proactive monitoring and rapid response times.

We resolve 55% of issues within 12 minutes. 

We’ll never dump new tech on you without showing you and your team the ropes, so you’ll always be confident you’re using your systems to their full capability. 

One of our Core Values is “we do what’s right by our clients” 

We monitor your systems 24/7 which means many day-to-day issues are resolved before they escalate and, quite often, without you even knowing they were ever there. 

Our proactive monitoring agent tells us what’s wrong with your systems before you even notice. 

If you’d like to learn more about our unique IT support contracts, give us a call; we’ll give you a free audit of your systems and a rundown on how we can make your IT better. 

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Sometimes the simplest actions bring the best results, whereas other problems may seem impossible to fix. We’re here to get everything up and running again in no time at all, also offering straightforward advice to keep your business going from strength to strength.

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