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IT Support For Small Businesses – How You Can Benefit?

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IT support for small businesses can sometimes be mistaken for an opportunity to save money; you work with PCs every day and Mike in Accounts is a tech wizard, so you’ll be fine – right? Perhaps, but on the flip side, you’re more likely to be losing out by not outsourcing your IT support.

If you’re a small business owner, managing your day-to-day can feel like there are too many plates spinning. Bring your IT into the equation and the moment a member of your staff comes to you with a tech issue, those plates are likely to come crashing down. But here’s how outsourcing your IT support can help:

The benefits of outsourced IT support for small businesses 

Freedom and Flexibility 

To have an IT engineer in-house can be a tricky resource to manage; you could find yourself spending time looking for IT projects to occupy their time. Likewise, if you want to invest in a large-scale IT project, one person may not be enough; or if your engineer is away on holiday or should resign, you could be left high and dry.

A good IT support contract will not only support your IT but will support you in your business. Outsourced IT support will give you the flexibility to expand your contracted resources to complete a project effectively and efficiently. Your IT development visions can become limitless! Less time dealing with your own IT is more time to focus on your business.

One of our Core Values is “we do what’s right by our clients” 

Proactive Maintenance 

With an outsourced IT support team, no longer will you lose a day to trying to resolve an IT issue. They will work to ensure your tech is functioning correctly and at its best constantly, often spotting a threat before it even becomes apparent to the PC user. This results in rapid solutions with little-to-no disruption to your business and consistent optimal performance of your systems.

Our proactive monitoring agent tells us what’s wrong with your systems, before you even notice. 

Reduced Costs 

An IT technician might cost you an average salary of £29,000 – an experience IT consultant or IT manager considerably more – on top of which, they would need the tools to do their job which could include specialist IT equipment, monitoring software, etc. 

Of course, there’s always the employee that has an IT background that you’ve hired as your business analyst but what would the cost to your business be when that role becomes neglected due to efforts being focussed on your IT? 

With most small businesses requiring just low-level support, an IT support and maintenance contract with a fixed monthly fee could reduce your overheads significantly in the long run. 

Some of our clients have been with us for 12 years. 

Cyber Security Experts 

Cyber crime is a constantly developing threat and one that can end businesses due to financial loss or unmeasurable reputational damage. With an outsourced IT support team, you have the peace of mind that you are being consulted by industry experts in cyber security who are monitoring your networks and ensuring you are using the correct hardware, software and tools to protect your data. 

And this doesn’t just give you peace of mind – if your business holds customer information and data, new and existing clients will also feel reassured in working with you. 

We are Cyber Essentials Plus certified and offer free cyber security workshops for your staff. 

Less Downtime 

Entire days can be lost to IT failures and downtime can equate to significant financial loss and even reputational damage. Having a team of IT specialists monitoring your data can significantly reduce downtime and even eliminate it completely as fixes are made in the background without you even needing to re-boot.

Should you be affected by a major software issue or cyber attack, with an IT support contract your data is all backed-up safely on off-site servers, ready to be restored. Your IT support provider will be able to eliminate the threat and get you back up and running in no time. 

We resolve 55% of issues within 12 minutes. 

Jupiter IT Is More Than IT Support – It’s IT Consultancy, Whatever Your Size. 

With a Jupiter IT support contract, many of your common IT problems become a thing of the past thanks to our tech training and proactive monitoring. 

We’ll never dump new tech on you without showing you and your team the ropes, so you’ll always be confident you’re using your systems to their full capability. 

We monitor your systems 24/7 which means many day-to-day issues are resolved before they escalate and, quite often, without you even knowing they were ever there. 

If you’d like to learn more about our unique IT support contracts, give us a call; we’ll give you a free audit of your systems and a rundown on how we can make your IT better. 

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Sometimes the simplest actions bring the best results, whereas other problems may seem impossible to fix. We’re here to get everything up and running again in no time at all, also offering straightforward advice to keep your business going from strength to strength.

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IT Support Hull, Leeds, Scunthorpe

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