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10 Ways Your Business Could Benefit From VoIP Phone Systems


VoIP, or Voice over IP, is the fastest growing technology in business telecoms today. Instead of using a traditional analogue signal, a VoIP phone system converts the signal into a digital one and delivers it over a digital network.  

Digital tends to mean better, and VoIP is no exception; but why is it better? The benefits of using a VoIP phone system are pretty vast, but we know your time is precious, so we’ve broken it down into these 10 benefits your business could reap from going digital. 

#1 VoIP Could Save You Money 

As VoIP uses your internet connection to make and receive calls, you can make some serious savings on your bills. Say ‘goodbye’ to multiple phone lines and no more anxiety attacks over the cost of a 3-hour long international video conference call – it’s all part of your bandwidth allowance.  

#2 I Can Hear You, Can You Hear Me 

The digital audio quality of a VoIP phone system is considerably clearer than that of the traditional analogue system; converse with clients and colleagues with confidence and make your conference calls as productive as face-to-face meetings. 

#3 VoIP Grows With Your Business 

VoIP is truly flexible and can be tailored to fit your business down to a tea. Restricted only by your bandwidth, new users can be added at the click of a button without disruption; and with the Central Business Directory, you can store and share contacts with your staff to ensure efficient communications across teams. 

#4 Always Available 

Following in the footsteps of innovative communication apps such as Skype and FaceTime, VoIP is one of the most reliable telephone technologies out there. It will even cover you if a call catches you away from your desk; the voicemail function will take a message then let you know by email what you missed while you were making a brew. 

#5 Your Call Is Being Diverted 

No longer will you have to set up a clunky diversion to your mobile phone when you leave the office; with VoIP phone systems you can make and receive calls using your office number via the app on your mobile. 

#6 Your Personal Assistant 

With a VoIP phone system comes your Auto Assistant who will effectively screen your calls, giving the caller dialling options to direct them to the best person to speak to, based on their needs. This feature not only saves you time but also gives your clients a smoother communication experience. It’s just a shame the Auto Assistant can’t do your filing too!  

#7 Every Moment Is A Marketing Opportunity 

If you need to put your caller on hold, or you have queuing calls (another great feature!), you can make the most of this time; VoIP enables you to personalise your hold music and even incorporate customisable messages –I spy a marketing opportunity! 

#8 You Don’t Even Need Phone! 

No, we’re not getting carried away and trying to claim VoIP is magic but seriously, you can do away with your desktop handset. With VoIP, you can make and answer calls via your computer and a mission-impossible-inspired headset. 

#9 Tell Me Everything 

At the end of a busy day, you might find yourself thinking ‘what just happened?’. With VoIP Advanced Reporting, you can get a rundown of the day’s calls – quantity missed/taken, duration and location. A great business assessment tool to add to your arsenal. 

#10 The Future’s Bright, The Future’s VoIP 

Future-proofing is another advantage; with old technologies fading out – including ISDN in the next 5 years – replacing your businesses telephone system with a VoIP phone system will ensure you are prepared for the future as well as running ahead of the game. 

A Jupiter IT Phone System Is More Than Just An Old Dog And Bone 

We offer only the best in VoIP phone systems with an aim to help you optimise your service delivery, save you money, and enhance your brand.  

With a Jupiter IT Solutions business phone system, you’ll get premium VoIP at a competitive price. And don’t worry about the move from a ‘tin can and string’ to digital calling, we’ll take care of complete installation, train you and your staff on how to get the most from the features on offer, and provide you with long-term support to make sure your communications are second-to-none. 

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Sometimes the simplest actions bring the best results, whereas other problems may seem impossible to fix. We’re here to get everything up and running again in no time at all, also offering straightforward advice to keep your business going from strength to strength.

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