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Microsoft OneNote Tips To Help You Work Smarter


If you’re not already using Microsoft OneNote, you’re missing out on a great note-taking app that can take your organisational skills to another level. If you are already using it, make sure you’re getting the most out of it with these top tips.

Firstly, how does Microsoft OneNote work?

Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook with the added benefit of being a cloud-based application. But that’s not where the advantages end: With OneNote, you can organise your notes into categories and even share them with colleagues.

So, if you’re still frantically flicking through a paper notebook to find the actions from last month’s meeting, it’s probably time for a change.

Tips on how to get the most out of Microsoft OneNote

#1. It’s easy to have multiple notebooks

If you find yourself hoping from a finance meeting to a marketing meeting before visiting multiple clients in a day, Microsoft OneNote can help ease the chaos. With this digital notebook app, you can have a notebook set for every topic your work covers. What’s more, you can add sections to segment your notes even further.

#2. Make your notes easy to navigate with tags

Does your paper notebook have a rainbow of sticky notes flowering from the edges? Microsoft OneNote has its own equivalent way of helping you get to the right page in double-quick time.

By adding tags to your notes you can filter and search for the note you need far more efficiently. OneNote offers some pre-set tags, such as ‘Important’; but you are also free to create your own weird and wonderful tags you know will prompt you to the right place.

#3. Dictate your notes on the go

Many people still record voice notes whilst on the road and take time to type them up later. With Microsoft OneNote, you can record your ramblings directly into the app and your spoken words will be converted into text for you!

#4. Link files, videos, and webpages

How often do your notes refer to a document or website? With Microsoft OneNote, you can add a direct link so all the information you need is there to hand in a click.

#5. Make minute-taking a breeze

As Microsoft are the masters of collaborative working, it’s probably no surprise that OneNote can be integrated with many other Microsoft apps. Perhaps the most useful are Outlook and Teams. These specific integrations work great for taking notes and minutes at meetings.

Firstly, the integration with Outlook means that when you create a ‘meeting notes’ page in OneNote, a list of upcoming meetings will appear. Select the relevant meeting, and the details will automatically import into your note. Including the date and time of the meeting, the location, a list of participants and the original invitation message.

Once the meeting notes are ready to be shared, you can send a link to all participants via Teams: Improving speed and efficiency in the entire process.

Don’t be afraid to try new tech – we’re here to help

Trying new technology can be daunting for you and your staff. What’s scarier than the thought of throwing away your trusty paper notebook!? But apps like Microsoft OneNote are here to improve productivity, collaborative-working and efficiency. All these things will make your teams happier and drive your business forward.

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And we’re on hand to help! We don’t just deal with failing IT; we’re also here to support you and make sure you’re getting the most from your IT. Whether you want to optimise how you use your tech, or introduce a new solution, we offer training, advice, and jargon-free support.

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