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Increase Business Profitability With Your Technology 


Technology doesn’t have to be just a necessity; it can be a financial asset. With the right guidance on how to use it effectively, you can actually increase business profitability with your technology. 

5 ways to increase business profitability with your technology 

#1. Harness the cloud 

Making the move to the cloud has a whole host of benefits including increased security and easier collaborative working, but in this blog, we’re focused on the financial benefits (and there are a few). 

Reduced maintenance costs: When you move your business to the cloud, you remove the need for on-site servers, UPS systems or generators. And when you’ve not got the hardware, you’ve not got the maintenance costs either! 

Reduced energy costs: Without the need for on-site infrastructure, you can significantly reduce your energy usage. In fact, it’s thought that cloud computing can make your business up to 93% more energy efficient. 

Recent research found that businesses could save up to 85% on energy costs by utilising cloud services. 

Transparent billing: With cloud services, you can enjoy a fixed pricing model with no hidden fees and no monthly surprises! Simply pay for what you need and scale accordingly as your business grows. 

Scaleable: With a cloud environment you don’t need to worry about the cost of upgrading expensive equipment as your business grows, you can simply increase your subscription to your cloud services. It grows when you grow! 

#2. Invest in your network performance 

It’s not just about new technology; you can increase business profitability with the technology you already have.  

Ensuring your network performance is consistent is essential for optimum productivity and limiting downtime. If your network runs slow, it will slow down processes, damage your team morale, and probably result in longer tea breaks. 

“Since moving to Jupiter IT some years ago, our systems have never run better. Our 8 sites talk to each other perfectly, communication has improved, and faults are resoundingly less frequent.”
 – Finance Director, Prestige Recruitment. 

A cost-effective solution is to partner with a Managed Service Provider. This way, you can feel confident your network performance is being monitored while your in-house IT team concentrate on other development projects. 

4 signs your business is ready for an MSP. 

#3. Cyber security awareness training 

We talk about this a lot but let’s cover staff awareness training from a financial angle. 

The latest UK government figures show the average cost of a cyber attack in 2022 was £4,200. Around 40% of UK businesses reported a breach, and over 90% of these successful attacks were due to human error. These are pretty high figures for something fairly simple to address. 

The importance of ensuring your staff are cyber security aware. 

By providing your staff with periodic expert training and embedding a strong cyber-safe culture within your business, you can significantly reduce your vulnerability to a cyber attack. 

“Just a quick note to say thanks for the Cyber Security presentation from Jupiter IT last week.  Great information and very enjoyable.” 
– Partner, NLG Health. 

Get in touch to find out about our free cyber security staff training sessions. 

#4. Cyber security consultancy 

Cyber crime develops at such a rate it can be impossible for IT managers to keep abreast of the latest sophisticated attack methods. 

By partnering with a cyber security specialist, you can protect your business at the highest level. Not only will you benefit from expertly selected solutions to suit your business and your budget, but you can be sure your security is maintained to manage new threats that can be observed daily. 

#5. Outsourcing 

Whether you opt to fully outsource your IT or supplement an in-house team with an IT partner, outsourcing can increase your business profitability. 

From finding cost-effective solutions to managing projects to timeline, the right IT provider can free your IT manager from the day-to-day grind to focus on business development or become your entire IT department and remove the need for in-house employment. 

IT outsourcing – why you should choose Jupiter IT. 

We can help you increase business profitability with technology 

It can be hard to know how to use technology to benefit your business’s profitability. But we’re on hand to give you independent advice with no obligation. We have a wealth of expertise and will strive to meet your objectives. 

“Jupiter IT are not just a good IT support company but a great IT consultancy firm… When something shouldn’t be possible, they get the job done.” 
– SMC/Hull City Football Club 

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