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Data Collection – Gather And Use It Right.


Data collection is precious to most businesses. But with lots of customer data flowing your way routinely, it’s easy to lose sight of what data you actually need.

It sounds crazy from a business point of view but in the eyes of the law, there is such a thing as too much data. It’s important to make the data you do gather, count. So, we’re going to outline some key considerations you should keep in mind to help keep your database relevant, valuable, clean and GDPR compliant.

Data Collection Considerations:

Cast a broader analytical net.

Instead of just looking at what your customers are buying, it can be helpful to analyse broader behaviours. Email open rates and click-through rates can give you a great insight into what works with your customers and what doesn’t. You can analyse their browsing behaviour too; checking out most visited pages on your website and revising those with high bounce rates.

Data collection like this is not involve any personal data from you customers, yet can give you an informative insight into what makes them tick.

Read between the lines

You can learn a lot about your customer base without prying too much. With just the standard date of birth, address and gender, you have identifying statistics for evaluating your audience. This may seem like very basic data collection (maybe even boring) but with these stats you can identify if you are appealing to a broad enough age-range; are you narrowing your market to a specific social class; are you too gender specific… or not enough?

It’s not always about the data you collect, it’s about what you take from it.

Let your tech do the work

Gone are the days when data collection was a manual process. In today’s technology-driven world, data collection can be automated. From gathering to storing, sorting to filtering, there are plenty of programmes out there that can automate your data collection and one that will suit your business.

Did you know? At Jupiter IT we liaise with third-party providers to install new software seamlessly for your business.

Intelligent integration

If you use multiple databases, errors and losses are inevitable… but they don’t have to be. You cold work with a Managed Service Provider to have all your software and data in one synchronised placed. Not only will this reduce errors, it will streamline your data collection process and help ensure it brings your business value.

Learn more about managed IT services.

Resourceful reporting

Don’t be that person who hands out a lengthy report that no one can relate to. Data handed to the wrong audience or that’s simply bamboozling is wasted data.

A reporting tool like Microsoft Power BI turns a mass of stats into a coherent visual and interactive business insight that can be used to drive your business forward. And, of course, true to Microsoft’s passion for collaboration, your insights are structured into a digestible report that can then be segmented and shared with the right teams and colleagues.

Learn more about Power BI and other apps in the Office 365 suite you may have missed.

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