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The Importance of Ensuring Your Staff Are Cyber Security Aware


You know and understand the importance of securing your business against the raging threat of cyber crime – your firewall is implemented, and comprehensive cyber security defence protocols are in place – but even with all those sophisticated systems, you could still be vulnerable.

The Challenge Of Cyber Security

Although sometimes costly, gaps in technology can always be filled with the latest software and top-notch IT support that work to proactively help you fills these holes, but the weakest link is actually your staff.

Referred to as ‘the human factor’, the people sat at their desks, going about their day are sitting pray for hackers; cyber criminals know that the quickest and most simple way to access data is to target those who hold it.

The Common Misconception

If you’re a business owner who leaves your cyber security entirely in the hands of your IT Manager and who understands cyber security to be something your teams don’t need to be involved in, your business could be at risk.

Your employees are your first line of defence when it comes to cyber crime; they hold on their PC, laptop, or business phone, the priceless private data that drives virtual crime.

Only 38% of global organisations are truly prepared to handle a sophisticated cyber attack.

Are Your Staff Aware Of The Bigger Picture?

We’re not suggesting you teach your staff to suck eggs – reminding them to lock their screen when they take their coffee break – but there is a level of awareness that’s perhaps not so obvious.

A favourite tactic among hackers is social engineering – psychological manipulation is something that works far better on humans than IT systems. Cyber criminals demonstrate the ability, day-in, day-out, to convince their victims to willingly or unwittingly hand over private data; although we’d all like to think there’s no chance we’d fall for it, as many as 54% of businesses have fallen victim to a cyber attack through human error during the last year – a number which continues to climb.

Who Needs To Be Cyber Security Trained?

Anyone and everyone who has access to a business computer or mobile device.

Phishing emails are a prominent technique used by cyber criminals – and we’re not just talking about those from your long-lost aunt who needs your bank details to transfer your inheritance – there are some really sophisticated examples out there that can trigger you to bite quite easily: global payment services notifying of account restriction, urgent unpaid invoices, free software trials… all with clickable links and attachments which act as the hackers’ invitation to come on in and steal everything.

Another key technique is malware – download a smart-looking app or free software that looks like it might help you perform your job better and you could be opening the door of your entire network to hackers.

Did you know 95% of cyber attacks are a result of phishing scams?

We’re Passionate About Cyber Security (can you tell!)

You might say we’re on a mission; with cyber crime on the rise and showing no sign of going anywhere, we know that pristine cyber security has never been more important for businesses and are working hard to protect what you work hard for. Offering cyber security in Hull and the surrounding areas, we provide free, content-rich, cyber security training for all our clients.

At Jupiter IT, we are proud to hold the prestigious Cyber Essential Plus Certification and as experts in this standard, can help you become certified too. To find out more, drop us a line – we’re waiting to share our expertise with you.

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