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8 New Microsoft Teams Features 2023


New Microsoft Teams features are rolled out on such a regular basis, it can be hard to keep up.

As a software provider, Microsoft is good at listening and taking on board its user’s wants and needs. So, let’s take a look at some of the most recently updated features you could be missing out on.

Did you know, Microsoft Teams is the most popular business communication platform with over a quarter of a million daily users worldwide?

What are the newest features of Microsoft Teams?

#1. Make a note

Along with Posts and Files, there is now a new Notes tab when you create a new standard channel in teams. This tab integrates OneNote and links a dedicated notebook for members of the channel to jot notes and store helpful information for the group to access.

#2. New Files interface

In the interest of user experience, Microsoft has updated the layout of the Files tab. Now when you open the tab, you’ll be greeted with a more familiar interface based on the one you would see if you opened OneDrive, also with the same navigation options.

#3. Offline meetings

The Microsoft Teams calendar seems to be gradually aligning with Outlook as it now brings the ability to create offline meetings. When you create your appointment, simply switch off the toggle found in the ‘Location’ field which will identify this meeting as offline.

#4. Speaker view

A new ‘Active Speaker’ view is now available during a Microsoft Teams meeting. This view will render the video of the current speaker in a higher resolution for a clearer view making for more comfortable interaction. To enable this feature, simply select it from the View menu during your meeting.

And for Microsoft Teams Premium users…

#5. Avatar stand-in

You can now create an avatar to represent you when you need a break from being on camera. You can even create up to 3 versions to express yourself during meetings (could be dangerous!)

#6. Lobby chat

If you’re attending a large virtual meeting, you can often find yourself waiting in the lobby for the first few minutes. This time can now be used to mingle with other attendees waiting in the wings via the chat function. It’s a great way to kill time but also an opportunity to see who else is in attendance and introduce yourself.

#7. Meeting recap

This new way of recapping a meeting makes for an engaging user experience. Collated into one space, attendees can revisit the meeting recording, view files shared, read additional notes and access the transcript of the call. It even includes LLM-generated notes and AI-generated actions.

Learn more about Microsoft’s plans with AI.

#8. Feedback

Itching to give your feedback or share improvement ideas having seen how good Microsoft are at listening? You can now give feedback directly in the Teams app. Go to the Help menu in the bottom left corner of your Teams window and select ‘Give feedback’.

Be sure you’re getting the most from your tech

Microsoft Teams features are improving all the time. If you’re not up to date, you could be missing something that could improve your business’s efficiency, productivity and even impact on growth.

Could you be getting more out of Microsoft 365?

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