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4 Signs Your Business Is Ready For An MSP


Partnering with an MSP (Managed Service Provider) is quite different from standard IT support. Offering proactive monitoring, IT consultancy and complete infrastructure management, an MSP can bring significant growth to any business.

Is your business ready for an MSP?

Your IT may be working perfectly well for you right now, but how do you know if it could take your business further? If you can relate to any of these 4 signs, it could be time to find an MSP:

#1. Your team is increasingly working remotely

An MSP can’t stop the children from making an appearance during that vital video call. But with strong managed IT support, you can be sure your team has all the tech they need to work effectively from home. From installation of home-working apps like Teams to training on how to use them effectively, an MSP can make remote working a success for your business.

Check out our remote working checklist.

#2. Your business is hit by downtime more often than you’d like

Whether it’s internet dropouts or PC crashes, every minute your team can’t work costs your business money.

Partnering with a proactive MSP will see issues being resolved faster but, more importantly, happening less frequently. By continually monitoring your infrastructure, a managed service provider will spot potential problems before they impact your users.

Learn more about the cost of downtime for your business.

“Since moving to Jupiter IT some years ago, our systems have never run better. Our 8 sites talk to each other perfectly, communication has improved, and faults are resoundingly less frequent.” – Finance Director, Prestige Recruitment.

#3. You lack confidence in your cyber security

It’s not uncommon for an SME to overlook the importance of cyber security. In fact, 43% of businesses hit by cyber attacks are small businesses for this reason – they’re seen as easy pickings.

The truth is a business is never too small to implement a robust cyber security strategy. Small businesses are a target for cyber criminals, and they’re at great risk of continuing to overlook cyber security as the business grows.

An MSP will not only guide and train you on cyber security but will also implement anti-malware and antivirus software and ongoing management.  Not to mention, they will have knowledge of the latest threats and the specialist skills to identify vulnerabilities within your business.

“Just a quick note to say thanks for the Cyber Security presentation from Jupiter IT last week.  Great information and very enjoyable.” – Partner, NLG Health.

#4. You can’t keep on top of IT system updates

Software updates are often overlooked due to the time they take – we’re just too busy! But these updates regularly include important security patches and other updates that are critical to the software running smoothly.

With an MSP, all updates are performed automatically (and even better, out of hours!). But the right MSP will go even further. With passion for your business growth, a strong MSP will also consult with you on the latest tech that could take your business that extra stride, whether it be a cloud solution or new server infrastructure.

“Jupiter IT supplied and installed our full IT system. It gives me peace of mind knowing that if our business critical systems went down, they would be there to get us working again. – Director, Eddie Beedle Ltd.

Jupiter IT – the perfect MSP partner.

At Jupiter IT, we offer you invested support and managed IT services. We are more than your IT provider we’re your IT department. Technology moves at a rapid rate and to find and invest in an in-house team of IT experts to keep your business up to date, protected and growing, is no mean feat.

If you’d like to learn more about our unique IT contracts, give us a call; we’ll give you a free audit of your systems and a rundown on how we can make your IT better.

“Jupiter IT have been nothing but reliable and proactive in the years they have been looking after our IT systems. I have complete peace of mind knowing that in the event of a disaster, the Jupiter team will put it right.” – Chief Executive Officer, Age UK Hull



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