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Our Top 10 IT Shortcuts To Increase Your Productivity


If you work with IT all day, there are some shortcuts that could save you a lot of time (and cursing!).

Assuming you’ve already got the hang of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, here are some of our favourites:

Our top 10 IT shortcuts

#1. SORRY, I didn’t mean to shout!

Shift + F3

Ever get to the end of an email and look up to find you’ve been typing in upper case? Don’t hit delete – this key combination will set things right.

#2. Where’s my desktop!

Windows key + M

If you have countless windows open at any given time, this handy shortcut will minimise them all in a click to take you directly to your desktop.

#3. Get to where you need to be

Alt + tab

Another one for those window-hoarders again: By holding the Alt key and tapping the Tab key, you can scroll through all your open windows to bring the one you need to the front.

#4. Undo

Ctrl + Z

You may know that this shortcut will undo your last move in Microsoft applications but did you know it works in many other applications too? It’s always worth a shot.

#5. I was reading that!

Ctrl + Shift + T

Here’s one that will curb that cursing when you accidentally close a tab in your browser you still need. This 3-key combination will restore the tab immediately.

#6. Stop searching for spell-check


This simple tap will open the spelling and grammar check function in Microsoft Word instantly.

#7. Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Ctrl + F

Using these two keys you can search for a specific word or phrase in a document in double-time. It even works on websites!

#8. Windows has a Quick Link menu?

Windows key + X

That’s right. You can quickly open a Quick Link menu that can quickly get to you almost anywhere in Windows in double-quick time! (How quickly can you read that?)

#9. Security first

Windows key + L

One of the top cyber security tips for any workplace – lock your PC when you leave your desk. This makes it so easy there’s no excuse.

#10. Make your own

If you use the same apps every day, you can set your own keyboard shortcut to open them quicker:

  1. Right-click on the app
  2. Choose ‘Properties’
  3. Enter your customised shortcut in the ‘Short Cut Key’ field

Be sure you’re getting the most from your tech

Microsoft 365 features are improving all the time. If you’re not up to date, you could be missing something that could improve your business’s efficiency, productivity and even impact on growth.

Could you be getting more out of Microsoft 365?

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