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World Password Day 2022


Established by Intel, World Password Day reminds us of the critical need for a solid password both in business and at home.

In the book ‘Perfect Passwords’, author and security researcher Mark Burnett shared his idea that everyone should have nominated ‘password day’ when all passwords are changed. This inspired technology company Intel to establish World Password Day as a worldwide observance on the first Thursday in May starting in 2013.

Don’t cut corners when it comes to passwords

Your pet’s name followed by ‘!’ for good measure is no longer enough and if you want your business to be secure, the temptation to reuse your password must be resisted. The easiest way to achieve this is to use a reliable password manager which will hold all passwords securely with just one password to remember to access them.

Check out more tools that can help keep your business data secure.

With the significant increase in the use of cloud solutions, multifactor identification is also a must if you want the best security for your business. The process requires the use of a password plus additional authorisation, commonly a push code to another device.

In April 2019, the National Cyber Security Centre published 100,000 passwords that had been involved in data breaches.

The facts and stats


We can help prevent you from falling victim to a cyber attack

At Jupiter IT, we’re about more than just fixing IT issues, we’re cyber security specialists with a proactive approach to cyber security, which means we constantly monitor your systems while you focus on your daily business.

W offer free cyber security workshops for our clients and their teams and carry out regular cyber security audits as standard.

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