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What is VoIP?

Can on a string communication

Amazing, that’s what! Read on to find why.

The basics

In short, it stands for Voice over IP. It is commonly called many other things too. Broadband Phone, Broadband Telephony, Internet Telecoms and IP Telephony to name a few.

If it sounds like it is combining the internet and a telephone, it is usually VoIP.

We are all busy and trying to be productive (here’s some tips for that). That means we need everything at our fingertips. So say goodbye to the copper wires and handsets. Not to mention, those big PBXs you have too.

The internet has evolved, its faster and more accessible. That means it’s capabilities have grown from internet browsing and email.

How does it work?

Think of old systems sending an analogue signal to the person you make a call to. VoIP converts this into a digital signal so it can be delivered over a digital network, not just a copper wire and received by picking up a handset.

The digital signals mean that data can be put into packets – think of this is a little envelope stuffed full.

It means that rather than just a voice call, the data capability is more – so you can not just voice call over the platform, but often have video calls, conferences, emails and even fax all from one platform.

The beauty is, it means it doesn’t have to just be delivered to the old telephone plugged in to the wall anymore. It can be delivered to smartphones and also computers too.

Sounds like it’s packed full of benefits

It sure is. Modern working means more people are working remotely and VoIP  really helps keeping people connected.

You can save money too. The old traditional hardware and maintenance costs disappear as do the capital costs to buy them.

A device with an internet connection and a headset is usually enough – most laptops and tablets of course have microphones, speakers and cameras built in.

You also save money too –  you pay for your internet and data allowance and how you use that is up to you. This makes international calls, video conferences and videos calls all inexpensive.

And you even have the option to avoid handing out mobiles to employees – a simple app means they can receive calls on their personal mobile and even dial out using it, all without exposing their own mobile number.

Of course, the benefits don’t just stop there, the features of a system can deliver many more, including some great marketing and customer experience platforms.

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