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How Microsoft Teams Can Support Your Business Through Home Working


Microsoft Teams has supported many businesses through the current pandemic so far and has been a great productivity tool to keep things running.

As we head into a second lockdown and follow the government advice to work from home where possible, we’re taking a closer look at just what Microsoft Teams has to offer businesses to support productivity long-term.

5 ways Microsoft Teams can support your business.

#1 It’s good to talk

One of the hardest parts of working from home can be isolation from colleagues. It’s surprising how much productivity comes from the chat and dynamics of having all your teammates in the same room.

Using Microsoft Teams’ chat function is a great way to ask quick questions and get quick replies. Much like texting, using a chat tool is far more efficient than sending an email and enables you to chat casually with entire teams or one-on-one.

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#2 This calls for a meeting

Your team may be scattered around your region (or even the country!) but with Microsoft Teams you can still hold a productive and engaging meeting with VoIP or video conferencing.

Since the first UK lockdown earlier in the year, the Microsoft Teams video conferencing function has been significantly improved. Always an effective tool, the video conferencing function now allows you to see up to 49 participants, privatise your background and even superimpose all participants into the same room – it’s as cool as it sounds!

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#3 Collaboration at its best

Even if your business is not moving to home working, Microsoft Teams gives you collaborative working tools that can dramatically improve productivity.

Instant conversation, file sharing and co-authored files mean you don’t have to rely on sluggish email chains to keep a project moving; you can integrate apps such as SharePoint, Planner and OneNote keeping everything in one workspace; and you can even integrate third-party tools you use daily.

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#4 Feel secure

Along with the pandemic has come a sea of cyber crime opportunists. In the last 12 months, almost half of all UK businesses have experienced a security breach or cyber attack of some form.

The great thing about Microsoft Teams is it has its own security and compliance. Any data stored or shared in Teams will meet GDPR requirements and any industry-specific regulations. It also has a multi-factor authentication function and allows you to grant secure and limited access for guests.

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#5 Be prepared

Holding a meeting has never been easier when you plan using Microsoft Teams.

Firstly, you can sync Teams with Outlook calendars which means you can easily review everyone’s availability and save time on the back-and-forth of securing a date and time. Once your date is set, you can create your agenda within the meeting description to help keep your meeting on track.

Microsoft Teams is also great for delivering presentations remotely. You can access stored files in real-time for the most up to date information and share your screen for all to see. A recently added ‘raise hand’ feature is also great for participants to notify the speaker they have a question without interrupting the flow of the meeting.

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All-in-all, Microsoft Teams can make the difference between your business muddling through these unprecedented times, and powering through. If you’d like a free Microsoft Teams user guide, contact us here and we’ll be happy to send one over.

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