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IT Best Practice: The Good We Can Take From 2020


2020 brought some real challenges for most businesses but it also brought us some valuable changes. Most of us were forced to adjust how we work but as a result, were introduced to some IT best practice that we can benefit from in the long run.

Top 5 IT best practices we should take from 2020.

#1. Video calling

As the pandemic forced us to set up offices in our dining rooms, virtual meetings became the only option. For many of us, this took a lot of adapting but after regularly failing audio, wonky cameras and inappropriate toddler interruptions, we all seem to have gotten the hang of it and the benefits are apparent.

Having a feature-packed communication tool like Teams in your business could double your productivity. Maintaining video calling as an IT best practice in your business could allow you to have long-distance meetings that are productive without time wasted by travel. When previously you may have only had time to attend one meeting then had to catch-up on your emails in the evening, you could now attend multiple virtual meetings, maintain your emails throughout the day whilst being on hand for your team daily.

#2. Cyber security awareness

Working remotely has highlighted a whole host of cyber security weaknesses for many businesses. From the use of unprotected end-of-life kit to unsecured WiFi being used to connect to business networks, cyber criminals have taken advantage wherever possible.

As a result, businesses now have a better understanding of what it means to be cyber secure and the importance of sharing the responsibility among the entire team. Introducing regular cyber security awareness training for all staff as an IT best practice will significantly reduce the risk of a cyber attack on your business; pandemic or no pandemic.

#3. Passwords

With lots of remote access going on, passwords can be a real vulnerability for businesses. Many have moved to multifactor identification during home working and we highly recommend it as an IT best practice.

To think the National Cyber Security Centre was able to compile a list of 100,000 passwords that had been involved in a data breach shows us that password protection is no longer enough. The multifactor identification process requires users to enter a password plus an additional security authorisation – such as a push code sent to another device.

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#4. External IT security support

In recent times, the rate of cyber attacks has increased as much as five-fold. Although the pandemic has played a part in the increase, the truth is as technology evolves, so too do cyber criminals.

Having the support of an external IT partner who specialises in cyber security can help tighten your IT security and take care of any vulnerabilities your business may have. Security patches are taken care of, cyber security audits in check and you’re kept up to date with the fast-paced world of cyber crime.

#5. Cloud services

Back in March 2020 when home working first began, some businesses were undoubtedly at a loss. Their IT systems simply didn’t support remote working and big changes had to be made if there were to survive. Those who were operating cloud services, however, had a much smoother ride.

With a cloud infrastructure, all your business data and applications can be securely accessed from any device, anywhere. No more unsecured network connections; no more emailing huge files or sensitive documents between colleagues; no more risk. If for any reason you or any member of your team are forced to work from home, you’re ready.

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