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Cyber Security Training: Changing Priorities in Business


The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do many things, including the way we run our businesses. Changes such as virtual meetings and home working could be adjustments that are here to stay.

During May 2020, Microsoft Teams saw an increase of 31 million users.

The successful shift to working from home has caused many businesses to consider adopting this change long-term. As a result, priorities are likely to change to reflect their business needs in today’s world; specifically, cyber security training for their staff.

Experts predict businesses will cut costs long-term by reducing their required office space by up to a fifth.

Many agree to this as a positive move for industries in the UK. Businesses will be encouraged to finally embrace flexible working like many other countries. But with sharp rises in cyber crime since the Government’s recommendation to move to home working, we have to ask:

Are businesses including cyber security training for staff in their work-from-home model?

Cyber criminals thrive on triggering an emotional response from their target; the panic caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has opened a gaping vulnerability for cyber criminals to jump in and take full advantage of human nature.


This is one example of the way cyber criminals are using the pandemic to their advantage. Hackers created a fake email sharing COVID-19 stats and updates from a supposed official source. The email also included a link for readers to agree to be updated regularly.

You guessed it; the link was vicious malware that spread like wildfire.

How can training for staff help?

While your staff are working from home, the threat of a cyber attack is not to their PC and their home network, the threat is to your business and the data it holds.

If you don’t provide your staff with cyber security training, there’s a high chance they won’t recognise a phishing email like the example above. Phishing scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated and hackers have become meticulous in the details to make their cyber attack attempt look 100% legit.

95% of successful cyber attacks result from phishing scams

When it comes to cyber security, your employees will be a hacker’s main target. Their PCs hold the priceless data that drives virtual crime and whilst going about their day-to-day tasks, they are unlikely to be on-guard against a cyber attack – unless of course, they have received cyber security training.

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Our blog contains a wealth of hints and tips on how to stay cyber safe including our 25 cyber security tips for your business – with some really useful points for you to share with your staff.

With cyber crime on the rise and showing no sign of going anywhere, we know that pristine cyber security has never been more important for businesses. That’s why we provide free, content-rich, cyber security staff training for all our clients.

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