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Can Ransomware Infect OneDrive?


If your PC becomes infected with ransomware, you’ll know about it pretty fast. The malware will spread from file to file, locking them down with encryption until you pay the hackers their ransom. And when we say ‘spread’ we mean like wildfire. 

Like a popular TV show host, you might feel like you know ransomware but understanding ransomware could save your bank account and your business. 

What Is Ransomware? 

The concept is as the name suggests – a hacker or script gains access and control over your files and data and demands a ransom in return for your restored access. In most cases, the ransom is a sum of money but can be for valuable information or data. Time is usually against you to pay the ransom (please never pay the ransom) and of course, the return of your files is never guaranteed.  

Types of Ransomware 

Ransomware comes in many guises, some more harmful than others but ultimately, they all carry a ransom. There are 5 types of ransomware to look out for: 

#1 Crypto malware – one of the most damaging forms, most legendary for the 2017 attack appropriately named WannaCry; the malware spread within corporate networks globally, hitting thousands of PCs around the world. 

#2 Scareware – disguised as an antivirus tool, it will claim to have found issues on your PC that urgently need sorting… for a hefty fee of course. 

#3 Lockers – keeping it simple, this malware locks you out of your PC entirely until a ransom is paid. 

#4 Doxware – takes the personal approach and commandeers all your files and threatens to publish everything online. In cases with highly confidential data involved, this approach often sees fast results for the hackers with victims quickly reaching for their wallet. 

#5 RaaS – is almost a like a ransomware support centre; terrifyingly, these organisations offer services to hackers whereby they handle everything from distribution of the ransomware to collection of payments, for a fee and a cut of the ransom. 

How Can OneDrive Protect Your Files From Ransomware? 

With even your Cloud files at risk, Microsoft have made some smart moves to act on the threat of ransomware.  

Firstly, if your files come under attack of ransomware, you’ll be notified by message, email or pop-up notification. Then it’s time to fix the problem; Microsoft OneDrive has a ‘roll-back’ capability called Files Restore which, in effect, rolls back time. You can restore your files from an earlier version before the ransomware attack taking place – clean, in-tact files like it was all a bad dream. 

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