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5 Key Considerations When Outsourcing Your IT


If you’re considering outsourcing your IT for the first time or looking to change your IT service provider, you’re about to be faced with some tough decisions. But we’re hoping this article will help.

Why outsource your IT?

Outsourcing your IT services tends to be more cost-effective, it’s often easier than employing an in-house team, and it can give you greater assurance that your business has access to the specialist skillsets it needs or may need in the future, to grow.

The current call for businesses to digitally transform and the move to hybrid working has also significantly increased the need for businesses to seek high-quality, reliable IT providers. But how can you be sure that’s what you’re getting?

5 things to consider when outsourcing your IT

#1. Customer experience

IT requirements differ from industry to industry. It can be beneficial to work with an IT provider that has experience in your sector, or at least supports businesses in a wide variety of industries, demonstrating they have the capability to adjust and provide the appropriate support.

Ideally, you’re looking to build a lasting relationship with your IT provider so don’t hesitate to ask about their current client base: How many clients do they support? In which sectors? What’s their customer retention rate?

Many providers will have case studies and testimonials they will happily share with you – you can even ask if you can contact their clients to discuss their experience.

At Jupiter IT, we support clients across a wide range of sectors including legal firms, charities, employment agencies and many more. Feel free to ask us about our experience in your industry.

#2. Response times

This is a big one, as downtime can be one of the biggest IT-associated costs for any business.

A prospective IT provider should be able to give you information on their average response time, but you should also consider the communication channels available with them. Some providers insist on issues being reported via email, but having access to a service desk helpline also is always preferable.

You should also explore the availability of a 24/7 service option. Your business tech is working around the clock, issues are never guaranteed to be within office hours.

Learn more about the true cost of downtime for your business.

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#3. Value over price

For something as integral to your business as your IT, it’s important not to scrimp. The cheapest quote may not give you the comprehensive cover you need. A cheap solution may cover you for callouts only, while a more complete service can give you cyber security support, proactive monitoring protection and consultancy to boot.

Ultimately, outsourcing your IT to a provider who is not up to standard can cost you more in the long run in many ways, whether it be in downtime, loss of productivity or damage to your business’ reputation.

Here’s what you could expect from a Jupiter IT support contract.

#4. Scalability

When you’re thinking about outsourcing your IT, be sure to consider the bigger picture. Your preferred provider needs to have the skill sets and resources to support your business now but also in the future as it evolves. Discuss with them your growth plans, whether they can accommodate them, and how it might affect contract prices in the future.

At Jupiter IT, we not only grow with our clients, but we offer consultancy on the best tech available to help them achieve their goals.

#5. Expertise

A huge benefit to outsourcing your IT over employing an IT Manager is the access to a team of IT geeks (we’re allowed to say that). Relying on one person to be sufficient in all areas of IT issues is a little unfair but with the right team at the end of the phone, you can expect a prompt response to any issue regardless of its complexity.

We can be Your IT Department

Whether you’re new to outsourcing or looking to switch IT provider, we make it easy. We work together with any third-party software suppliers you may have and handle all the communication with any current provider to ensure a seamless transition.

Our front-line team are supportive, friendly and don’t talk ‘jargon’. If you’d like to learn more about our unique IT support contracts, give us a call; we’ll give you a free audit of your systems and a rundown on how we can make your IT better. 


“Our previous provider was taking days to resolve issues. Moving to Jupiter IT was painless and we have seen a massive improvement in service, which in turn has improved the service we deliver”
–Allenby Commercial



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