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10 Simple Tips to Keeping Data Secure

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1. Choose great passwords

There’s no simpler aspect to security than your passwords. In some instances you’re allowed to leave it blank or as the default – DON’T!!! Would you go out your house and leave the front door open?

Passwords are more secure when they’re more complex – a good rule to use is to pick three random words, a couple of numbers and if you want to go the whole hog, a special character too. For e.g. GreatITSupport19!

Change passwords often too and have different passwords for different logins.

2. Encrypt your data

Put simply, encryption turns “thisismypassword” into “1001110110000101”. Encryption basically codes your data so stealing it is the easy part, seeing it or doing anything with it becomes much more difficult.

3. Security patching

Security patches make sure any holes in Windows or MacOS is patched up. No software is perfect and these patches make sure that any vulnerabilities are dealt with quickly.

If you have proactive IT Support, they’ll manage your patch management as part and parcel of your contract.

4. Installing 1 of 1,931,774 updates

Annoying right? You come into work and then have to wait an hour or you’ve been clicking “postpone” on the little pop up window for weeks.

Updates are important. It’s no good paying for all this software, anti-virus etc. and then not keep it up-to-date. I mean you are paying for it. But it also means you’re protected from the latest threats and any bugs are fixed.

5. A stitch in time, saves nine

You won’t believe how many times we hear, “can you help get my data back?”. It is more difficult to recover and re-create data than it is to just effectively back it up in the first place.

Creating an effective backup schedule is key – make sure they don’t immediately overwrite each other. Oh and make sure you have copies of the backups as well as off-site versions in case of emergency.

6. Lead the way and teach

It feels like every day we adopt another technology or bit of software. It is brilliant as it helps us get more with less. You wouldn’t just give someone a scalpel and expect them to know how to operate a major surgery.

Ok so IT isn’t as complex, however the same theory applies. Offer training on software but more so on security when it comes to things like e-mail, attachments and downloads.

Those that haven’t been educated are often those that become a victim to viruses, ransomware, phishing attacks – which corrupt systems and leak data without consent – that has an impact on this here GDPR thing!

7. Up, up and away…

Most turn on a device, connect it to the internet and off they go! Ooops! That’s not how devices are designed.

Before venturing onto Chrome (other browsers are available) and typing in www. make sure you have a line of defence. As a minimum you should aim for virus protection and scanner as well as a handy program that will stop malicious software being installed.

8. Too good to be true

Do you know how to spot something genuine? Probably not. Most cyber attacks start as a phishing attack.

Don’t be fooled by adverts and emails promising the world or conversely, that your world is about to fall apart.

Don’t click on ANYTHING if you’re not expecting it or it seems too good to be true (or bad)! If you’re not sure, speak to your IT Support. They should also be able to offer some training on what to look out for – if they don’t, how are they aware of the latest threats to your business?

9. This is how we do things here

Everyone does things differently – do you do enough to let people know how you do it? You have a new member of staff, they are used to using a device in a certain way – that might not fit right for this new role though.

Effective communication is key – just share with them what security measures you have in place and how systems operate. At worst it just gives them a brief overview of how you expect things to be done.

And at best case it frees them up to trust in the systems you invest in and are more productive in their roles using devices to their potential.

10. I’m quite techie, I can sort our IT

If only we had a £1 for every time we’ve heard that! It can be quite simple these days to set up a network because you can just watch something on YouTube, right? But how do you know that’s the best way to set things up for your business?

Configuring software and hardware for your business can be tricky. And let’s not forget, you’re probably amazing at something that will help you make £££s.

Whilst good IT Support comes at a cost, when done right, it instils trust in your systems so you can really get on with what you’re good at whilst your IT Support is making sure the lights stay turned on and your business is protected from cyber threats.

Not to mention then helping you identify the best tools to take your business forward and grow.

Don’t know where to start? Why not download our FREE Guide that helps you understand what you should look for in an IT support partner. It’s right here and it is FREE!

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